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Lighted Exit Signs

Lighted Exit Signs
An exit sign is usually used at public places for displaying the text "EXIT". Here is an introduction to lighted exit signs.
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A lighted exit sign is a rectangular box with electric-light bulb inside it. It also has two hollow cylindrical hinges for balanced support. Lighted exit signs are predominantly used in theaters, stadiums, companies, colleges, schools, etc. The text EXIT is either displayed in English or in the local language. These signs are made according to OSHA, UL-924, NEC standards.
Many exit signs come along with a battery backup, so that they remain lit even during power failure. Lead batteries are the most recommended ones for exit signs, because of their long-lasting quality. During power failure, the lead battery lights the Exit sign in no time. Thus, you witness that the exit signs are always lit.
LEDs are light emitting diodes. Most of the exit signs use LED technology. Since LEDs are splinter proof and resistant to moisture, they are the safest and most preferred exit signs. They consume less energy and hence are the greenest solution available. Most of the signs are long-lasting and require minimum maintenance. However, exit signs may stop working during accidents and calamities like fire and flood. In most countries, the exit sign is green because, the color red usually indicates prohibited activities.
Some exit signs are independent and do not require battery or electricity. They work on tritium instead of electricity. For the sake of safety, tritium is sealed in a glass tube. Exit signs of this kind, are referred to as self-luminous exit signs. They work on the same mechanism as fluorescent lights do. In some areas, usage of self-luminous exit signs is prohibited. Since these exit signs contain radioactive substances, care should be taken while disposing them. They are also considered the most expensive exit signs.
Types of Lighted Exit Signs
Basic Lighted LED EXIT SIGN
The dimension of this sign board is 12.5 x 8.6 x 1.6. It lasts for at least 25 years and is fully automated. Energy consumption of this sign board depends on the color of the letters to be displayed. Red colored letters require 2 watts energy while green color requires 3 watts. Hence, a red lettered sign board is inexpensive as compared to a green lettered sign board.
Compact LED EXIT sign with Emergency Lighting
As compared to other sign boards, this one is the slimmest and also the most compact. This exit sign board is low on maintenance and lasts for more than 25 years. It is the most preferred in damp locations. Its battery life is 10 years as the battery used is a 6 volt premium battery, made of pure lead.
LED Exit Sign with Swivel Emergency Lighting
It comes along with 4 emergency lights, of which, two are movable and square-shaped while the other two are louvered down emergency lights. Its design is compact with a neutral finish. This type of exit sign is double platted and has a mountable ceiling.
Edgelite LED Exit Signs
This exit sign is ideal for commercial and industrial purposes. Although expensive when compared to other exit signs, their installation process is very simple. It is the most reliable sign board when it comes to durability. Energy required for this exit sign is less than 2 watts.
Emergency Lighting
It has two 5.4 wedge based tungsten lamps. It can operate for 100 minutes on the battery and is mounted on a wall or ceiling and comes with a solid state charger.
Lighted exit signs require less maintenance and are available at a reasonable price. So, with high quality and some maintenance, your exit signs will be lit forever, thus, proving helpful during emergencies.
A red Illuminated exit sign on black
Exit sign
Flashing green emergency exit sign pointing to right