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How to Glaze Kitchen Cabinets?

How to Glaze Kitchen Cabinets? We Have the Simplest Procedure

If you are trying to give an altogether different and classy look to your kitchen, then consider to glaze your kitchen cabinets. This is a less expensive option than buying new cabinets, and it can be accomplished at home.
Chandramita Bora
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
If you are interested in giving a new look to your kitchen without spending a fortune, then glazing your kitchen cabinet hardware is the best option. However, while glazing a cabinet, we often end up applying a diluted layer of paint over the surface of the cabinet, without completely removing the stains and the old layers of paint from them. This creates uneven patches by making some areas darker than the rest. To give a bright and beautiful glaze to your kitchen cabinet, it is essential to mix a glazing liquid with the paint. Here are some useful tips for glazing your kitchen cabinets without spending much.

Glazing Kitchen Cabinets

Before glazing your kitchen cabinet, remove all parts of the cabinet by taking them off the hinges. Now, clean them with a mild soap or detergent. But if the cabinet has been painted recently, you can skip the cleaning step.

Before painting a cabinet, make sure that all parts are completely dry. Now, mix the paint and the glazing liquid in a bowl by using a mixing stick. You can mix equal parts of paint and glaze, if you want to give a medium glaze to the cabinet.

However, you can change this proportion depending on the look you want to give to the cabinet. For a darker shade, you can mix 3 parts of paint with 1 part of glaze, or you can mix 1 part of paint with 3 parts of glaze for a very light glaze.

Once the glaze and the paint are properly mixed, you can use a rag or a sponge to apply it on the surface of the cabinet. Dip the sponge or the rag in the mixture and rub it on the surface of the cabinet. You can rub it either in a straight or a circular motion, and both will give different looks to your cabinet.

It is preferable to apply the paint on a small area at a time, so that you can wipe it off easily before drying. Wipe it with a clean cloth, which will leave a light layer of glaze on the surface. Be sure to follow the instructions given by the manufacturer of the product regarding how to apply the glaze.

After applying the glaze, leave the kitchen cabinet hardware untouched to dry out completely. The time required for drying is given on the label of the product, but usually it can take about 8 to 9 hours. Reinstall all the cabinet hardware only when they are completely dry.

This is perhaps the easiest way to remodel your kitchen without spending a lot of money. Regular cleaning is however, important to keep the cabinets clean from dust and dirt, so that they can retain their glaze for a long time.
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