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Latex Spray Paint

Everything That You Wanted to Know About Latex Spray Paint

With today's technology latex paint can be sprayed on many surfaces easily. Latex spray paint allows latex paint to be applied on a surface using an air gun or aerosol can.
Pragya T
Last Updated: Feb 25, 2019
Paints are generally divided into two categories, one that are oil-based and other which are water-based paint. The oil-based paint is also known as alkyd paint. While latex paint use water as its medium, the oil-based paints use a petroleum-based solvent as its medium. Before, only alkyd-based paint were used for spray painting.
Because, they don't dry out so easily and they are thinner in consistency. However, with advancements in paint technology latex paints are available in the market, giving homeowners more choices.
Spray Technology
Airbrush gun sprays on wood
Latex paints are thicker than oil-based ones, but now with synthetic resins, pigments which are compatible with water are used to create latex spray paint with a thinner consistency for spray painting. Use an airless gun or use aerosol cans for spray painting.
Latex and Oil Paints
Young man with aerosol paint
Latex paint are mostly opted by homeowners because they have many advantages. First advantage is that they are cheaper, as you can clean the painting equipment with normal water.
When oil-based paints are used, they produce a very nasty vapor during application and it can take a long time for them to dry. While water-based paint dries faster, as one just needs to wait for the water in the paint mix to evaporate. Another advantage is that it is a washable spray paint, which means with a bit of soapy water you can get rid of the paint.
Painting Tips
First of all decide what kind of latex paint you want and on what surface you are going to apply it. If you want to use the can form then consider Krylon cans. They are one of the best quality and available in different colors, they also have acrylic latex that you can use.
Spray cans aligned
The acrylic latex paint cans from Krylon come in 21 different shades. While there are some other paints which you can use on acrylic surface too.
So, first on a piece of cardboard or old newspaper sheet try spraying with the latex paint can, and then if you like the results or are comfortable using it buy more cans for the job. Latex spray paint provides a lot of flexibility with painting, and compared to the oil-based paint cans they allow to paint at different opacity.
To perform larger paint jobs like spray painting furniture or walls, consider using a spray paint gun. An airless spray paint sprayer is quite affordable to rent. Make sure that the equipment is clean and try using the spray gun on a large piece of cardboard, before you use it on large surfaces.
Follow the manufacturer's instructions for using the equipment. Cover all the surfaces that you don't want paint on with plastic sheets or move them in another room.
You can use latex spray paint on various surfaces like metal, masonry, plastic, wallpaper, walls, and unprimed wood. While using the airless paint sprayers and guns, make sure you keep on moving the spray gun all the time in a smooth motion, even before turning on the knob. Hold the gun perpendicular to the surface and avoid tilting it for a better finish.