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Beach Chairs for Kids

Beach Chairs for Kids

Let's take a look at some awesome beach chairs for kids, sunny-side up! Your children can have a comfortable experience on a beach or a swimming pool, with some stylish chairs designed to thrill their summers.
Dhanashree Patane
Most kids always want their own things, and this gives them an independent feeling. Be it their own personalized tree house or a bean bag chair, they want things that make them blend as much as possible with their family and surroundings. An important part of their accessories is the beach chair. These are perfect for using on a beach, a pool party, the fireside on a cozy evening, for camping, picnics, etc.

Major Examples

Adjusting to the standard furniture for adults is quite a task for a toddler. Moreover, the aforementioned chairs are especially designed for children, and are strong enough for their weight; yet most of them are light-weight so that your child can easily carry it around. They are available in a variety of colors, designs, and attractive prints. They are also attached with umbrellas so that your toddler is protected from the intense summer sun, and to provide the correct balance of shade and light.

Redmon Baby Chair
This is one of the favorite beach chairs for toddlers between 2 - 6 years of age. With vibrant colors, it comes with a matching umbrella. Made up of durable and washable nylon, it comes with scratch resistant enamel. It also has an attached zipper storage pouch.

Redmon For Kids Pre-Teen Chair with Multiple Colored Umbrella
It is made up of a metal tube frame that is scratch resistant. It comes with an easy-to-fold and multicolored umbrella.

The Puzzle Man Toys Wooden Collapsible Wooden Chair
This is quite a light and easily transportable type of chair. It is non-toxic and easy to assemble. It has a heart cut out in the back, and is fabricated of ponderosa white pine. It is water and heat resistant, and is a decorative piece of furniture that can also be used in the house.

The Hoohobbers Junior Director Chair
It is perfect for kids between 1.5 - 4 years of age. It is water and weather resistant, and it comes with footpads for stability. You can also use it as a booster seat with the attached chair strap. It is easy to clean, carry, and fold. It's also available in different colors to choose from.

PolyWood South Beach Adirondack Kids Chair
It is made from recycled products, and it has a uniquely designed comfortable slatted back and deep seat, that will create a cradle-like feeling for your child. It is very strong, sturdy, and weather resistant, and has an earthy wooden look.

WearEver Steel Child's Backpack Chair
It is very lightweight and it folds up easily. It comes with a steel frame that is water resistant, and a durable polyester seat that dries up quickly.

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