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How to Replace a Window

How to Replace a Window
Replacing a window in the house is a heavy-duty home improvement project, that needs accurate steps to avoid any mistakes. Read the DecorDezine article to the exact steps to replace either a window pane, frame, or screen.
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There can be many different reasons why you would look for ways to replace a window in your house. Perhaps you want to replace the pane or just the frame. Maybe you want to replace a damaged window frame. No matter what you're looking for, we have all the answers for you.
Replacing a Window ...
First of all, remove the storm windows (if at all) and the old glass from inside. Get your safety goggles and gloves on, and let's begin.
  1. Remove the window frames from outside, and scrape off the glazing compound near the window. The new compound will help stick the new window in place.
  2. Take a putty knife, and apply a thin layer of new glazing compound on all four sides of the window.
  3. Match the new glass with the compound line, and press the four points where the glazing compound is.
  4. Now apply the glazing compound on the edges of the new window so it can seal properly. Use the putty knife again to smooth the edges. If there's any extra compound, clean it before it dries off.
  5. Use a primer for the compound and once it dries, paint it. You'll have to make a seal on the glass with the paint.
In order to replace an old window frame (perhaps it has small air vents), then take a look at these steps.
  1. Pull and remove the window out of the frame, press on the release clips on both sides of the window and pull it down.
  2. With the help of a crow bar, remove the molding on the window. To carefully pry it off, tap between the molding and the wall with the crow bar and hammer. You will need to do this step, only if the molding needs to be removed to get the frame.
  3. With a crow bar and a hammer, get rid of the rest of the interior frame broads from top and bottom.
  4. Take a tape measure to evaluate the width and length of the new frame. Cut the boards that will replace the old window frame with a table saw. Make sure they are of the same level and slide the boards in its place.
  5. Take some wall screws and a power driver to fasten the boards in place. Settle all the screws properly into the boards.
  6. Use your choice of interior color and paint the frame. Take the power driver and attach the molding pieces with 2 inch wall screws.
Save on time and money by replacing a window screen yourself; it's not that difficult. New window screens can add a diverse look to your house and works wonders on interior decorating.
  1. First of all, remove the old screen from the window frame and keep it on a tough, flat surface.
  2. Extract the rubber edge from it, as it will separate the screen from the frame completely. Now take out the old screen.
  3. Measure the new screen that you bought and the outer edge of the frame. Put the screen on the window frame.
  4. Measure it again and cut a new rubber edging that will grasp all four edges of the screen.
  5. Take a rolling tool and press down hard on all the edges of the rubber edging, into the groove of the frame. Do it with a firm hand, as you need to get the entire rubber edging inside the frame.
  6. If there is any extra screen material remaining, cut it with a sharp knife. Now your screen is ready to get back inside the window.
Home improvement projects can be challenging, especially if you don't know how to proceed with it. Get a professional opinion if you have never replaced a window before.
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