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How to Remove Drywall

How to Remove Drywall
Repairing or putting together a new colorful dry wall instead of the old one is a major headache every house owner faces. This article helps you to remove drywall with minimal efforts.
Gaurav Shimpi
Drywall, which is made up of gypsum plaster is a delicate material that is susceptible to cracks. However, degradation of drywall can be caused by temperature change, physical damage due to excess force or pressure, or seepage of water. Cracks on the drywall can be real blots on the best of home decor. So removing or repairing a drywall becomes a major cause of concern in every household. Some instructions given below can clear your doubts on how to remove drywall.

Drywall Removal Instructions

You can't just go and slam a sledgehammer into the wall and bring it down. If that was going to be your tactic, you sure would end up damaging the pipe or electric lines going through the wall. Following are some safe ways you can try.
  • Removing the drywall is going to be messy, so to protect the other parts of the house from dust and debris, it's better to seal off the room completely using plastic sheets with duct tape to cover the other parts. For personal care, use a respirator mask.
  • Close all the doors and windows, and switch off the fans and air conditioner. It will be better to shift the furniture and other valuable objects like television or computer to another room.
  • If you are thinking of removing the mold, first move the base using a prying tool. Now, remove all the trim surrounding the edges of the drywall. Simultaneously, try to pull out the nails using the pry bar.
  • Remove all the molds and try to remove the baseboard from the floor. After the screws have been loosened, wrench them out too.
  • If you have to remove it from the ceiling, make a hole at the midpoint, but make sure you avoid the electrical outlets.
  • Now, insert the pry bar inside the hole and slide it from behind the drywall. This will do the trick. Also try to pull the drywall in the front side and loosen it by dabbing it with a hammer.
  • This method can eliminate the larger sections without breaking it into small pieces. Now taking out the smaller pieces around the nails is the next hurdle.
  • For clearing the area around the nails, consider making a hole in an area that is a little away from the edges. Using the same method, insert a hammer and dab the wall with it.
  • This will considerably loosen the drywall. Some loosened pieces can be taken out with your hands. Try to bend the drywall upwards so that it does not fall down completely.
  • Follow this up by dislodging all the screws and nails remaining on the dry wall using a screw remover or the claw end of the hammer or pry tool. Discard the broken sections of the drywall.
  • Now sweep with a broom or clean the floor with a vacuum cleaner.
If you find all this exhausting and very difficult, you can hire a professional. After the old drywall has been removed successfully, consider installing a trendy new wallpaper to give your house a completely new look.
Removing Small Section of Drywall