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How to Hang Tiffany Lamps

How to Hang Tiffany Lamps
Tiffany lamps are a beautiful decoration for the interiors. Find out how to hang Tiffany lamps in the following article.
Aparna Jadhav
I am sure all of you are familiar with these lovely Tiffany lamps which are made from stained glass and look absolutely stunning when they are lit. Stained glass is very popular for the unique style of painting glass inside a dark border, which highlights the brilliant colors and designs on the glass. These lamps are usually table lamps but you could find them in the hanging styles as well. They are usually available in both convex and concave shapes with various patterns and in all sizes.
Tiffany lamps are considered to be the best options to add a traditional touch to modern homes as they give an antique look to any interiors. The lamps looked the way they do because they were created by skilled craftsmen who made them by hand; they were first made in 1895. Each of them were designed delicately and painted intricately. You too can use these lamps to decorate your home, by simply hanging them as a chandelier.
Tips to Hang Tiffany Style Lamps
As mentioned earlier, Tiffany lamps can either be kept on tables or hung from ceilings and walls. The lamps that are kept on tables have very limited choices in their shapes, as they are usually convex in shape. However, hanging Tiffany lamps are available in many different styles and shapes such as; irregular upper and lower border, geometric, Favrile, flowered globe, and flowered cone lamps. These shapes display various unique colors and brilliant designs. You can add these lamps as one of the antiques and collectibles, in your home. If you have or are thinking of installing one of these traditional yet stylish lamps in your home, you need to know how to hang them.
Things Needed
  • Tiffany Lamp
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Bare copper wire
  • The first thing you need to do whenever you install a new bulb or lamp is, always switch off the main power to avoid any risks of live wires and electric shocks. Thus, before you install the Tiffany lamp, turnoff the main switch.
  • Then with the help of the flathead screwdriver, remove all the screws from the old light fixture on the ceiling, and also the ones that connect the crossbar to the electrical box. Remove all the old fixtures so that you can install new ones.
  • Use one end of the copper wire, which acts as your ground wire, to wrap the ground screw and place this screw in the tread-hole of the electric box. Tighten the wire around the screw by wrapping twice or thrice to secure the electric circuit.
  • Now, hold the canopy of the Tiffany lamp in line with the crossbar of the ceiling and adjust the length as per your choice. After the length of the thread pipe is adjusted, tighten the locknut by holding the crossbar in the opposite direction.
  • In order to attach the wires to the main electric box, pull out the wires using the screwdriver and place them on one side of the crossbar. This will ease the job of making all the connections between the wires and the electric box.
  • After the wires are pulled out, connect the neutral white wire of the lamp to the neutral wire of the electric box and push both of them inside the box. Move the canopy of the lamp towards the ceiling and tighten the nut of the lamp so that the canopy doesn't fall off the ceiling.
  • Check all the connections and wires for the last time, so that when you switch the power on, there is no short circuit. After you have done this, switch on the main power and turn on the light to check if the lamp is lighting up. Once it does, enjoy the sight of this beautiful Tiffany lamp decorating your room.
With these tips to hang Tiffany lamps, you can definitely think about adding one to light up your home!
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