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House Framing Tips

House Framing Tips
The various frame house plans are drawn up to ensure that once this work begins, it progresses quickly and the resources are easily accessible. Abiding by some related tips shared by the professionals gives the homeowner the opportunity to optimize material and time.
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The most important tip to the modern homeowner is to be organized. It is essential to pre-plan the whole exercise and keep updated track of the transactions and trade involved in the framing requirement. This includes the correct assessment and the timely assimilation of the required material to complete the job at hand. It is essential to strike an understanding with the local lumberyard owner or the in-house executives. This is with the intent to ensure that all the material required is delivered on time, including some of the extra trusses and window and door frame requirements. Mechanical requirements should also be taken care of simultaneously. Apply for a gas meter if the work is extensive and also, plan out the desired alterations, especially if they are absolutely necessary for the framing solution. Pre-planning will always save you money, time, and effort later. Settle only for the best deal possible within your budget.

Consider the use of a crane to lift the trusses to the roof and to lift heavy items that need to be stacked within the home prior to the work. You should carefully plan the installation of large items like bathtubs and heating system before the plumbing as the work only becomes messier and damaging to the property if not in sequence. It makes sense to place the cabinets to be installed and mark the heating and plumbing jobs beforehand. Prior to electrical and plumbing undertakings, it is better to double check for squeaking pipes and fittings. Do not attempt rewiring of the telephone cables if there is a shift in placement. It is better to abide by the telecommunication rules and call in the telephone and cable company experts to install the required wires.

You should tie up with window and door suppliers to ensure that these essentials are delivered as soon as the professional framers complete the roof. This will enable timely and systematic execution and installation of the doors and windows and completion of all the framing at one time. Double check the price quoted for the window and door fixtures. It should include the cost of the screen and the security locks. You must be well-versed with the professionals and authorities, designated to look into the house framing components. While the plumbing and heating jobs accomplished at home will be inspected by City Hall authorities, the provisional inspector will ensure that the electrical system adheres to the set standards, and the building inspector from City Hall is in charge of inspecting the work and reporting discrepancies, if any. The inspections are made with the sole intention of ensuring that the home is safe for living.


The two basic methods include the platform method and balloon construction. While the platform method is common, the balloon framing option was quite so in the early half of the 20th century, employed in many of the grand two-story houses. In both these types, the wall studs and ceiling and floor joists are repeated over every 16 or 24 inches of the frame. This feature enables a standardized layout that optimizes floor, ceiling, and wall material being used and eliminates waste. The spacing of the wall studs makes exterior walls stronger and enable the electrician to access a larger cavity for thorough wall insulation. The exterior wall sheathing feature not only adds strength to the overall structure but also provides a flat base for a superior exterior-wall finish.

Sheathing options are available in diagonal plywood or similar composite panel sheathing. The exterior roof sheathing is either made of plywood or oriented-strand board panels. In the platform construction, the walls are set on the sub-flooring and in the case of multistory houses, each floor provides a platform for the next series of walls. In the balloon method, the studs are the basic frame holders and hence, the structures that adopt this type of technique shrink and settle more uniformly.
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