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Hot Tub Reviews - Best Hot Tubs

Hot Tub Reviews - Best Hot Tubs

Hot tubs are mainly used for hydrotherapy, massage, or simply relaxation. This article provides you with an insight into some popular types of hot tubs so that you can go for the best deal on the market.
Rajib Singha
Buying a hot tub is a major investment for any household. So suitability of the appliance to your needs takes an important place. The benefits, features, and style of the machine should be the primary considerations that should decide your purchase. The best hot tub should promise durability, low maintenance, and seamless performance. It cannot be denied that a hot tub is among the complex and expensive machinery. Researching on the manufacturer, and dealers of the hot tub that you intend to buy, would help you get the best bargain on the market.

Which is the Best Hot Tub To Buy?

Acrylic Hot Tubs
Acrylic hot tubs are also known as olefin acrylonitrile-styrene hot tubs. They are among the most popular appliances in the United States. These products are manufactured from fiberglass or foam bottom structure. This structure is combined with a wood or synthetic cabinet. They are available in more than one brand, and model from about 100 manufacturers. Add-ons are also available in a wide range of choices. Although considered portable, some of these tub types are difficult to shift after getting installed. Solid and firm concrete surfaces such as concrete pads are required for proper installation. Prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause the surface of these machines to bubble or crack. In addition to these tubs' pricey tag, their use also contribute to high electricity bills. Also, such appliances are not meant for self-installation.

Inflatable and Portable Hot Tub
Inflatable and portable hot tubs, unlike the standard ones, are more convenient to store when not in use thus, offer more portability. These tubs can be inflated within minutes, and are relatively low in cost and low on maintenance. As they are highly portable, you can carry them wherever and whenever you like thus, eliminating the problem of space crunch. With prices rising everyday, inflatable hot tubs offer the best deal for budget-conscious families and homeowners. However, they may not score well on durability when compared to their standard counterparts. They also cannot keep the water hot for more than 30 minutes. However, most consumer reviews have rated it as the best hot tubs for short soaks, and quick relaxation.

Wooden Hot Tubs
Wooden hot tubs are made of wood like teak, red wood, cedar, etc. They generally come in circular and elliptical shapes, with bench seating. The selling point of these tubs is that they naturally blend in with the surrounding. The aromatherapy provided by the fragrant woods also contributes to their popularity among varied consumers. Wooden hot tubs fall under the category of above-ground spas. So they require a firm base or surface for the installation. Proper maintenance is a must for these machines to work efficiently. As these hots tub carry a humble style and design, they do not provide additional benefits like the standard ones.

In-ground Spas
In-ground spas are pricey. They offer such looks and elegance that surpass all other hot tubs. Such spas do not face exposure from outdoor elements, and hence are more durable and reliable too. These hot tubs can be built in more than one shape and size, similar to swimming pools. They are installed directly into the landscape, and are made of standard concrete. The seating arrangements consist of step-up or bench seats. Their maintenance, although expensive, is usually easier than others. This is because of the smaller size of the tub and less outdoors exposure. A major drawback is the expensive installation of these machines. It involves excavation, plumbing and electrical works, which catapult the expenses. Note that they also require professional installation.

Popular Hot Tub Brands
  • Barefoot Spas
  • Beachcomber
  • Caldera Spas
  • Coleman Spas
  • Dimension One Spas
  • Dream Maker Spas
  • Dynasty Spas
  • Hawkeye Spas
  • Hot Spot
  • Hot Spring
  • Hydropool
  • L.A. Spas
  • Marquis Spas
  • Master Spas
  • Saratoga Spa
  • Solana
  • Spa Crest
  • Sundance Spas
  • Tiger River Spas
  • Vita Spa
Before Buying A Hot Tub
Your purchase must follow a thorough research on the machine's features and price. Your investment should not result from something that just caught your eye. So here are a few points to consider before making the final investment.
  • Hot tubs are huge appliances. Given that, it is necessary that the installation site is sturdy, and can easily withstand the weight of the machine.
  • Decide for the installation site beforehand. For instance, if you decide for an outdoor installation, then avoid areas with overhanging trees or bushes.
  • Equally important is to reconcile the size of the machine with the number of people who are going to use it. An average adult would require about 284 liters of water in a hot tub.
  • Since you are going to invest a good sum of money on the appliance, do not go for the buy unless you get a trial. This should help you determine the comfort level of the seating arrangement, and the noise level.
To conclude, privacy, accessibility, and aesthetics should be considered before zeroing in on the final choice. Size, cost, safety features and installation are other important factors to be kept in mind.