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Granite Transformations Pricing - Know the Things Involved

Granite Transformations Pricing
If replacing your kitchen countertop is not an option for you, then granite transformations can be the next best thing! Know all about their pricing in this article.
Ashwini Kulkarni Sule
If you are a homemaker, you definitely know the value of a kitchen countertop in your kitchen. A battered, worn out kitchen countertop not only robs your kitchen of its looks but also makes working in such a kitchen a harrowing experience. Demolishing your existing countertop and replacing it with a new one is not only a pricey option, but it is also a very time-consuming task. Besides, you have to deal with a lot of mess in and around your house due to demolishing and hauling of rubbish. At $60 - $80, per foot, granite transformations indeed sound like a good substitute for kitchen countertops.
Granite Transformations
Before going into the details of granite transformations cost, let us first know what are they in the real sense. Granite transformations are solid engineered stone slabs which are often fitted upon the existing countertops. Stone and granite powder along with quartz and certain polymers are used to manufacture these engineered slabs. They are often more heat resistant, scratch-proof and resilient to stains, than plain granite countertops. Another big advantage of opting for granite transformations is that they alleviate the need for demolishing the existing countertop. You can install them over the existing countertop without significantly adding to the height. As the slabs are prefabricated and prefinished at the manufacturer's site, you have to deal with minimum mess and inconvenience. Granite transformations fitters complete the job within a day.
Granite Transformations Pricing
Installation work needs to be assigned to a company that particularly deals in granite transformations. The measurement of your countertop is taken by a professional employed by the company. He can give you a rough estimate of granite transformations cost by studying the dimensions and understanding your specific needs. Typically, you can expect to pay anywhere between $60 - $80 per square foot for the granite transformations. The cost is inclusive of installation charges, hauling of material etc. However, inquire if it also includes transportation cost and cost of cutting to accommodate sink and utility lines. If you intend to install granite transformations on an existing countertop, then expect to pay around $90 - $130 per square foot. Besides, customization or adding features to standard granite transformations may cost you even more. Incidentally, the cost of demolishing an existing countertop and installing a new granite countertop is also more or less the same.
(Please note that granite transformations prices are subject to change as per your location/country.)
Since, granite transformations are comparatively newer, there are not many known problems. The engineered process makes sure that they can withstand rough usage. Good care and maintenance is required to avoid possible problems with them. Wipe your granite transformations with a special stone cleaner on a daily basis. Avoid using dish soap or any cleaner with harsh chemicals, as they can erode the granite surface. Although granite transformations can withstand heat, make sure you do not let them come in contact with direct heat. Hot spillage should be cleared immediately. Place hot pots and pans on hot pads and not directly on granite transformations. Also, avoid chopping vegetables and fruits directly on the granite transformations. Although the acid from fruits or vegetables is not strong enough to erode the surface of granite, it can certainly cause some amount of staining. Ensuring proper care and maintenance will add to the life of granite transformations and keep it gleaming for years to come.
Although granite transformations are not a cheap alternative to granite countertop replacement, it is worth considering due to easy installation and convenience.
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