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Granite Transformations Cost - Plan Your Budget if You Want One

Granite Transformations Cost
Did you know that in about USD 60 - USD 90, you could get the look of a real granite countertop and the convenience of a synthetic product? Yes, granite transformations offer just that!
Ashwini Kulkarni Sule
Kitchen countertop occupies a substantial area in any kitchen. The look of the kitchen is primarily dependent upon the appearance of a countertop. There are many options available in the materials of kitchen countertops. However, if kitchen remodeling is on your mind, then you would probably like to give a new look to your countertop without undergoing much of demolition work. In that case, granite transformations could be your ideal option.
What are Granite Transformations
Granite transformations are basically the solid engineered stone slabs which are fitted over the countertops. They are manufactured by mixing granite powder and certain polymers. Other stones and quartz are also added to the mixture. The resultant product is stain resistant, scratch proof, heat resistant and possesses almost all the qualities of a real granite.
Their biggest advantage is that you are not required to demolish the existing countertop structure to install a new one. This saves a lot of trouble and mess that results due to heavy demolition work. The granite slabs are prefabricated and prefinished at the manufacturer's site only. The ready-made slab is then installed in the customer's kitchen without much masonry work. The whole job is completed within a day.
How Much Does Granite Transformations Cost
When you place an order with a granite transformations company, the company sends their skilled craftsmen to take the measures of your countertop. During that time, they give you an estimate for the cost of granite transformations as per the dimensions of your countertop and individual specifications. The cost is mostly inclusive of fabrication and installation charges. However, make sure it also includes the transport cost as well as cost for hauling the materials.
Generally, the cost of granite transformations is almost equal to the cost of demolishing an existing countertop and installing a new one with tiles in the backsplash. This is the reason why many people prefer to go for the 'real thing'. If granite transformations were any cheaper, they would indeed be every homeowner's first choice for remodeling kitchen countertop.
The cost rises if you are required to install it over an existing countertop with additional customized features. On an average, cost per square foot is somewhere between USD 60 - USD 80. If you are planning to install it on existing countertop, then be prepared to spend anywhere between USD 90 - USD 130 per square foot. Finest quality granite transformations may cost you slightly more than that. (Please note that granite transformations prices are subject to change as per your location/country.)
Care and Maintenance
Although, granite transformations are easy on maintenance, you need to care for them to increase their longevity. You need to care for them in a pretty much similar way as you would for granite countertops. This includes, wiping hot spillage immediately from the surface and protecting it from a heat source. Although granite surface is less likely to get eroded due to acidic substances, they sure may cause some staining on the surface.
Granite surface must be cleaned with special stone cleaners only, that too with a soft sponge or cloth. Dish soap may not be the best cleaner for cleaning granite surface as it slowly damages it. Do not place hot pots and pans directly on the granite, instead always put hot pads underneath them. Lastly, avoid chopping or cutting directly on the granite surface.
Thus, granite transformations could be your option if you want to avoid the mess during modeling work. However, due to the negligible difference between granite transformations cost and the cost of real granite countertop, you may not be able to save much.
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