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Information About the Different Types of Garage Floor Coverings

Types of Garage Floor Coverings
In most homes, the garage flooring is not really given much thought and most people end up finishing the job with a dull, boring, traditional, gray concrete flooring. Let's change that a little and look at the different options that are available in these flooring covers.
Bidisha Mukherjee
Last Updated: Mar 9, 2018
One of the most neglected parts of our house is the garage. It is most usually stuffed with things like garden tools, chemicals, cans of gas, and many more surplus products for storage--as a result, the condition of the flooring gets badly deteriorated due to the mud, stains, and dirt that may get absorbed onto the surface. For this reason, fitting the garage floor with proper covering becomes important to protect, and thereby extend, the life of the same.
Types of Garage Floor Coverings
There are a variety of coverings available in the market. These can be chosen in accordance with one's needs and budget. The effort required for their installation and the cost of these coverings will vary.
Coating with Paint
This is a good option if you do not intend on spending a lot of money for the flooring. All you need to do is put a coat of paint over the concrete flooring--this will provide for a moderate protective cover, and significantly improve the look of the garage. However, the paint does not stay for a long time, which is its only disadvantage, so you'll have to repaint it at least once a year.
Coating with Epoxy
Epoxy or polyepoxide coating is best known for its adhesive qualities. It is costlier than paint and in comparison will provide for more protection and durability. Due to its chemical composition, it requires multistage applications. Also, ventilation of your garage is mandatory. If the epoxy coated floor gets wet, it tends to become slippery.
Although it is far more expensive than paint or epoxy, the benefits provided are quite extensive. Tiles can be installed on concrete flooring only if its condition is reasonably good. It is always advisable to take the help of professionals for the installation of tiles. The difference between garage floor tiles and the tiles used for the purpose of flooring your home, is the kind of adhesive used. If you opt for interlocking tiles, the installation cost is cheaper. The high-end tiles can make your garage look very attractive.
Polyvinyl parking floor mats have several advantages. These are available in a number of attractive patterns and designs. Along with being long-lasting and affordable, they are also waterproof and have non-slip properties--giving the floor a carpet-like feel. Another advantage is that they have vapor barriers that prevents formation of mold under the mat. Mats make for one of the best options for covers because they do not require installation--one has to just roll the mats on the floor. Since they are not fixed with any adhesive, one can easily take them out of the garage for cleaning and scrub them clean whenever required.
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