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Ideas for Painting a Fireplace

Ideas for Painting a Fireplace
A paint job goes a long way in rendering a new look to your fireplace. Read on to know more...
Ashwini Kulkarni Sule
A well-decorated fireplace can be a focal point of any room. An attractive brick color against the pale backdrop of the wall invites the attention of onlookers. However, the same fireplace can become a cause of embarrassment for the homeowners, if it gets covered with soot and the paint starts peeling off. A fresh coat of paint often works wonder for such shabby fireplaces. In fact, painting it is one of the easiest and most popular ideas. However, one needs to be extra careful while painting a fireplace, as not just any paint will do the job. Simply coating the bricks with a new coat of paint will not look good enough. Besides, the quality of the paint should be such that it should sustain high temperatures and direct flames.


The reason you decided to paint your fireplace may be that the color of your fireplace does not go well with the new carpet or furniture that you just bought. People occasionally replace their carpets and other furnishings, however, it is unusual to repaint walls and fireplaces every now and then. Hence, it is best to choose colors that can go well with any color of the furnishings in your house. Generally, brick red, taupe, black, etc., are some colors that look great no matter what the color of your carpet or furnishings is. Alternatively, you can also paint it the same color as your walls, especially if the walls are painted in neutral or pale colors. This will make the fireplace seem like a perfect fit in the wall. Colors like crimson or brick red are apt if you wish to make your fireplace a focal point of the room. In that case, you will always have to ensure that it is in the best possible condition all the time.

How To Go About It

You have a number of options available while choosing a paint. For masonry, bricks, or stucco, it is recommended that you either go for high-quality exterior latex paint or elastomeric paint. Both these varieties have their own advantages. Exterior latex paint is available in flat, gloss, semigloss, or satin finish. You can choose any of these finishes according to the finish of the background wall. Elastomeric paint is rubberized, and is acrylic in nature. Its biggest advantage is that it can enter cracks in the fireplace and seal them. However, you must inquire about its heat tolerance and toxicity before buying.

If you only decide to paint the brick in a new color, the result may not be very promising or cost-efficient. Instead, combine your painting job with another job, such as installing new tiles for the fireplace mantel. If that is not feasible, you can try adopting a different painting technique for the bricks. Sponge painting is a great technique if you wish to render your bricks the look of natural stone. Apply a layer of a dark color such as taupe, green, etc., and apply a sponge upon it with a neutral color, such as sand, cream, beige etc.

Since the flames will almost definitely scorch the paint, the paint simply must fire-resistant. This goes without saying, but many homeowners fail to make the necessary inquiries, and end up regretting it later on. Apart from the resistance to heat, the toxicity of the paint is another factor to consider. The fumes erupting from the paint when you light the fireplace may cause many health hazards if they are toxic.

A job as simple as painting can easily transform the appearance of your soot-covered, shabby fireplace into an attractive and elegant part of your home interior. However, choosing the right kind of paint goes a long way in achieving the desired result and protecting the health of your loved ones.
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