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7 Feng Shui Color Suggestions to Bring Tranquility to Your Bedroom

7 Feng Shui Color Suggestions for Your Bedroom
Colors play a major role in feng shui. The right choice of colors for different rooms is considered to be important in bringing peace and harmony to your life. This DecorDezine write-up explains the meaning of different colors in feng shui and suggests seven colors that you could use in your bedroom.
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Last Updated: May 7, 2018
Quick Tip
It may not always be possible to completely change the color of your bedroom due to financial or other constraints. In such cases, it is advisable to introduce the desired color through the furniture or accessories in the room.
It is believed by many that feng shui can bring harmony and peace in life. This Chinese philosophical system is used in architecture by considering the directions, elements, and colors. Although just using the right colors will not completely feng shui a room, it will definitely influence in certain ways and help bring a difference.
When feng shuing your home, it is ideal to start with the master bedroom. If possible, change the wall colors. Changing the colors of the sheets or curtains will also help to some extent. The main purpose is to balance the yin and yang energy i.e. the female and male energy. The yin is more nurturing, loving, and passive whereas the yang is energetic, aggressive, and excited.
Choose the right colors depending on their characteristics and the aspects of life to be influenced. Here, we have suggested 7 feng shui colors for your bedroom.
Pink bedroom
The color pink is perfect for singles who are looking for love, as this color reignites feelings of love and passion. Pastel pink is a very calm yin color which will help you relax. Avoid reddish pink, as red being a yang color may be too stimulating.
Blue Bedroom
Blue is a cool and calm yin color associated with meditation and spiritual healing. It is also related to exploration and adventure. But couples who have communication problems or people suffering from depression should avoid using blue.
Purple Bedroom
The purple color is associated with physical and spiritual healing. If you are recuperating from a physical ailment or emotional problems, it will help soothe you. Purple is invigorating and stimulating to some extent.
Red Bedroom
Red is a very stimulating color, so it is better to use it for bed sheets or pillow covers. You can include this color to add the fire element, which brings energy in our life. Couples can use this color to rekindle their romance. Avoid using red if you face difficulty sleeping or if you have insomnia.
Metallic Colors
Metallic Colors Bedroom
Colors like silver, bronze, or gray are playful and energetic. Couples trying to conceive should use these colors. Metallic colors can be used in the kids' bedroom as well.
Pastel Shades
Pastel Shades Bedroom
Light blue, light pink, light green, and lavender are pastel shades that calm your mind and help you relax. If you are going through emotional disturbances, use pastel shades to bring a composure in your life. If children are impatient or unruly, use soft pastel shades in their room. It can help calm them.
Beige/Brown Bedroom
These colors are earth colors that are believed to bring stability in your life. Brown is associated with nourishment and protection. These colors also give a welcoming and comforting vibe to your bedroom.
Different colors are associated with different directions. The yin and the yang energy of a room can be mapped using a Bagua. This energy influences various aspects of your life.

Here's a diagram that shows which colors are associated with which directions and which aspects of life they influence.

Referring to this chart, you can decide which color suits your room. It will help bring positivity in the desired aspect of your life.
Methods like these may help, but not in a room/house that is cluttered and messy. In order to have a peaceful and welcoming atmosphere around (be it any room), it is important to keep your surroundings clean and organized.
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