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Faux Wood Window Blinds

Faux Wood Window Blinds
Faux wood window blinds offer a touch of elegance to any home. Here is some information about these blinds along with answers to a few questions.
Buzzle Staff
Faux wood blinds are made from high quality PVC or poly vinyl chloride. They are selected over wooden ones, because of their affordable price. Not only that, they are also beautiful and decorative. They are opted for because they do not fade or crack, and are ideal for areas that experience extreme temperature, high humidity, and direct sunlight.
I feel that faux wood blinds are a good choice for windows because of the following reasons:
  • Appearance Revealed
    With the wide range of faux window blinds available in the market, there is very little chance that you will not find something you like and that goes with the d├ęcor. They look good in every room, so you can install them in the living room, den, kitchen or even your child's room.
  • Long-Lasting
    This is another factor that takes first priority when doing up your home. Hardwood and vinyl are two elements that are combined in faux window blinds, making them durable. It is said that they can be longer lasting and more durable than real wooden ones!
  • Ease of Cleaning
    Hectic lifestyles surely ensure that we spend as little time at home; of course this does not mean that your house remains dusty. Faux window blinds are easy to clean, which certainly is a boon. All you need to do is wipe them with water and mild soap. They do not warp like real wooden ones. They are certainly a good investment for families that have small children and pets at home.
  • Choice of Color and Finish
    Who can deny that color and finish matter in their homes? Actually with the change in trends, these are the factors that attract buyers. Faux wood blinds are available in any type of finish and color that you can think of.
  • Saving Money
    Yes it is true because they are cheaper than original wooden blinds. They are certainly a good buy!
Faux wood blinds are available at home improvement centers and home stores. If you have some constraints about visiting these places, you could search for them online.
You can install faux wood blinds on your own. Here are the steps:
  • To do this you must decide whether you would like them to fit inside the window or on the outside edge.
  • Once you have made up your mind, place the brackets accordingly.
  • If you have placed the brackets into place, you are now ready to proceed to the next step that involves sliding the top rail of the blinds into the brackets and inserting the cover to keep them safely in place.
  • To end the installation process, attach the magic wand (a tool that helps you open and close your blinds).