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Exterior Garage Design Ideas

Exterior Garage Design Ideas

The extra living space becomes a dumping ground in several houses. A perfect example for the same, is a garage. Put this space for a little more constructive use with the following ideas.
Mukta Gaikwad
Home improvement can never reach perfection. There is always something that's left to do or something that can be changed. Garages are those spaces that are sometimes a safety corner for your car or sometimes a stage for band rehearsals! If they aren't one of these, then a garage is always a junk yard quietly taking in all those things that you don't have the heart to throw away. But now that you've thought of making this space a little organized, garage design ideas is what you will need. To those of you who think refurbishing the garage is a tough task, it won't seem the same after you read these design ideas for a garage. The first step of transforming a garage is to know what are you going to use the space for. But, if that too seems like a confusing task, here's a little help that you can use.

Design Ideas for a Garage

If you've always harbored a dream to explore your artistic side, here's your chance to do something about it. The whole point of modern garage design ideas is to turn your garage into a workshop where you'll be able to give your imagination a life. Remove all the junk material and sort it out according to your need. Old racquets, baseball bats, punctured footballs, rusted cycles and spare parts were never used, and are never going to be. However, if you think you'll need them, put them up in a shelf. Paint your garage completely white, to give it a spacious look. Free of junk and freshly painted it will look bigger. Make a few wooden shelves in the garage where you can store paints, brushes, canvases, potter's wheel (if you wish to do pottery) and other material. Put a few dustbins around the corner, so that the waste is rightly disposed. Next get a light that will make the room look brighter so that you can work in late night shifts as well! Go berserk with paint that will scream the name of your workshop on the door.

Stop to Shop
Have you always dreamt of creating your own clothing and jewelry line? You don't really need big investments and huge advertisements to make any of it. Transform your garage into your designer store. Paint the outer walls of your garage in bright colors and fix an attractive fiber glass door for your workshops. Remove all the junk and paint it in vibrant colors. After all, it has to look attractive to get all the attention it deserves. Jazz it up with your collection that will also adorn the walls. Use some ideas, such as making a french door, sectional door or a transparent swing garage door. However, make sure that these doors can have lock and keys as you don't want to lose all your precious creations to theft.

Drive In
If the use of your garage is only for the car, it still can be made worth a second look with exterior garage designs. It not only changes the look, but also adds to the aesthetic value of your house. First thing that a hoary garage requires is repairs. Get rid of the chipping paint, rusted corners, squeaky doors, and growing mold. As it is only about changing the outer look, garage doors, and paint is all that you can experiment with. If you have two cars then a sectional garage door is ideal. However, if the space is too less, then go in for a roller garage door. An automatic door is an excellent option too on bad weather days as you do not have to get out to open the door.

Garage is a multi-purpose living space. Carefully designing the space will help you out with making this area more useful. Most often than not this room is used as dumping ground. Hope these exterior garage design ideas have given you reasons to use the additional space for a better purpose.
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