Garage Design Ideas

Madhurjya Bhattacharyya Dec 20, 2018
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Designing a garage, whether it'll be from scratch or a makeover of the existing one, requires serious muscle work. Here are some useful tips and suggestions on how you can carry out a task of this magnitude by yourself.

For an Existing Garage

It is essential to declutter your garage (a.k.a. storage area) in order to carry out a serious overhaul. Take enough time to clear out the garage once and for all, and divide items into 'keep', 'dontate', and 'sell' categories.
If you are planning to build a garage, it can be a huge task, which calls for detailed planning. Today, most people use their garages not only for parking cars, but also as an extension of their home. One of the most important things you need to keep in mind while building a garage is to have a clear idea of its design.
Will it be an attached or a detached one? Do you want to customize its interiors? What are the different ideas that you can come up with to give the garage space, a neat look and more functionality? These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself.

Ideas for a New Garage

Depending on the space available, your budget, and requirements, you will have to make a variety of decisions on how spacious or compact your new garage will be. Along with the vehicle(s) parked inside it, you may also require some storage area for tools and other items.

Select between attached and detached design

An attached garage is always a popular choice for homeowners as it is convenient during cold and wet weathers.
Plus, you don't have to think twice before going over other elements of the structure (color, door options, storage availability, etc.) However, if you're leaning more towards the design perspective, this will definitely limit your options.
So, if you have space available, you can take the advantage of a detached garage. There will extra space available for a patio, kitchen garden, or an extra room. Also, you can create an aesthetically-pleasing walkway from your house to the detached garage. Although the options sound quite tempting, finally, it is up to you to make the decision.

Give portable garage a chance

If you don't have enough space to build a permanent structure with walls and floors, you can go for portable garages. They are in the form of tents and can also be made by burying four pillars in the form of a square and placing tent material on top. You can also use tin sheets as ceiling. Such garages are easy to build and are quite cost-effective.

Make sure the garage isn't the dominant feature of your house

The living space the garage―it can be any room of the house―requires a higher roofline than the rest of the house.
Do cash in on that extra space over the garage as it is one of the most economical ways to reduce negative space. This room can be a home office, media room, or laundry room, or you can give this space on rent as well.

Parking space for one or two cars

Even though it is obvious, making this decision will have a huge impact on the overall design (structure) of the garage. For a one-car garage, a basic space of 12 ft. x 24 ft. is adequate.
However, if you are planning on going for a tw-car garage, you will have to keep in mind that at least 9 ft. x 18 ft. of space is required per car so that you can open the doors carefully.

Features of a Garage

Giving your garage interior a touch of modernness includes the use of modern technology and also that of designs which are the in-thing today. Automated doors, sensor systems and elevators are some of the common elements of modern garage designs.
Moreover, design ideas of today, focus on making maximum utilization of the available space and putting the garage space to versatile use.

Go with an automated door

Use an automated garage door system, wherein you can introduce an infrared sensor. When you bring your car near the doors, it will open automatically. No need to get out of it and open it every time you want to park or move out your vehicle.

Keep a pop-up garage handy

If you don't have enough room for a two-car garage, consider having a pop-up garage for family other car/vehicle or guest parking as well. Storing it will not be an issue and you can even carry it along with you on trips anywhere you go.

Not just a parking space

Today, most people use garages not only for parking cars but as a living and playing space, too. The interiors can be decorated to give the space a cozy feel. Placing a couch, a reclining sofa and some chairs or placing a coffee table in the garage can convert this parking space to a relaxation spot.
An important idea which you can implement is creating space for recreational activities or making it into a playroom. You can create your own home gymnasium in the extra space of the garage or place a table tennis table and enjoy playing.
Alternatively, you can also have a treadmill or other gym equipment in the garage or think of other additions, so as to make optimum use of the available space.

Safety is a necessity

Installing surveillance cameras to monitor interior as well as surrounding of the garage is a must utility. At the same time, you should be able use them with the home surveillance system as well as from your work place with the help of a mobile and computer.
The garage should have facility to provide for checking the condition of your vehicles such as for detecting vital signs as well as it must have a charging facility.
Designing a garage and constructing it, giving equal importance to its interior as well as its exterior in terms of texture and colors to use, size and shape, number of cars to park, seems to be a huge task. And indeed it is, when there are so many different designs you can adopt.
If you are clear in your mind about how your operational garage will look, i.e., right from the placement of the light fixtures to the drainage outlets, you can minimize the chances of costly mistakes and also make excellent use of your garage space.
When you get it ready, don't forget to hammer in one or two old license plates and a framed map of your locality on the wall, right opposite to the entrance of the garage.
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