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Electric Water Heater Reviews

Electric Water Heater Reviews

Searching for the best electric water heater reviews? Then you have come to the right page. This article will give all the details about the best ones available in the market, along with some useful tips on how to go about choosing the perfect one for yourself.
Ratnashri Dutta
One thing you really look out for during winter is a warm early morning shower, instant warm water to keep those cold feet warm, not much electricity consumed, and definitely no tension about the water getting cold fast. These are the things that we all look forward to every winter, right? I mean, who likes having to heat the water several times, just so that you can fill the tub for a warm bath? Then again, there is the tension of the water getting cold fast, hence, you cannot even enjoy a long, warm bath. So what now? Well, I suggest that you start looking for a good electric water heate that will solve all your problems once and for all. And while you are out there looking for a water heater, I am sure you would want nothing but the best. The electric water heater reviews given below will help you to decide which heater is the best for you and your family.

Purchasing Tips

Research is the key, before buying any product that is being sold by numerous companies in the market. As far as a water heater is concerned, first decide the size that you need, which should be according to the size of your family. Next comes the price. And for this, you should also inquire about installation and yearly running costs, besides the price of the heater. Then check for warranty. It is important to know whether the warranty is for the whole heater, just for parts, and if labor too is included. The advantages regarding electric water heaters over other types of heaters are many. With an electric heater, besides being easy to install and safer than gas heaters, you can heat water any time you want, be it day or night. They can also be used as storage heaters and heat pumps. The only thing that goes against them is that they are a tad expensive to operate in the long run.


In the electric hot water heater reviews given below, you will get all the information regarding the price, the best qualities, the amount of energy it consumes, and so on. Would you like to have a heater that goes kaput just days after you buy it? I am sure not. These heaters are guaranteed not to trouble you much. So go through the reviews here, and make your choice all that simpler.

Electric Water Heater Kca40
This is one of the best hot water heaters around, and it guarantees a long life of the tank. It is also guaranteed against rust. It consumes around 220V of energy, and its capacity varies from 40L, 50L and even 60L. You can also adjust the temperature from 25 degrees to 70 degrees Celsius. The shell is made up of anti-corrupt aluminum and zinc alloy. This heater is safe to use as it has a double over pressure protect. It is also easy to install and provides you with instant hot water. This heater can be installed in your bathroom and is space-saving.

Stiebel Eltron Mini Tank Electric Water Heater
While talking about electric water heater reviews, we surely have to mention this heater, as this is one of the best heaters that you can get. It is easy to install, and moreover, this is an instant hot water heater. You do not have to wait for some time after switching this heater in order to get hot water. In this heater, the standby heat loss is absent. This heater consumes very less energy and provides you with unlimited supply of hot water. You can use this anywhere, at home, or in an office, hospitals and schools, etc. It has a warranty period of three years and you can get this at an offer price of around US $149.

Bosch GL 2.5 Mini Tank Water Heater
This water heater can provide unlimited hot water, that too by consuming very less energy. They are easy to install and not even for once do you have to worry about the loss of heat from the water as it travels through the long pipe. You will get your required supply of hot water. This heater is best for home as well as for office use. You can get all this for around US $159.

Power Star AE 115 Electric Tankless Water Heater
If you are looking for some tankless electric water heaters, then the Power Star AE 115 is one of the best. It has durable ploy heating elements and a flow sensor in order to provide constant output temperature. It's great when it comes to saving of energy. It provides unlimited supply of hot water, thus letting you use as much as you want. This product has a warranty period of 10 years (on the heat exchanger) and 1 year warranty on the various parts, and you can get this tankless water heater for around US $329.

Stiebel Eltron DHC 4-2 Tankless Electric Water Heater
Talking about electric tankless hot water heater reviews, this is one of the best electric hot water heater that can be bought. It can be used anywhere in an office or at home. There is a scald guard thermostat which prevents the water from becoming too hot so that you do not get scalded by it. The installation cost is pretty low, and so is the consumption of energy. Of course it goes without saying that it is an instant hot water heater. This product has a warranty period of 3 years, and it will cost you around US $135.

(prices are approximate and will vary depending on location and offers available)

Some other good water heaters that you could think of buying are:
  • Eemax EMT
  • Bosch GL4 Ariston
  • Bosch AE-12 PowerStar
  • U.S. Craftmaster Energy Smart
  • Ariston Pointofuse
  • Bradford White M-1-20U6SS
  • Reliance 1652-7020 NA 606
  • RHEEM MR50245 Marathon
Thus, now that you are aware of the many brands, choose the one that you think is best-suited for your and your family's needs, and install one today. After that, heating a pan-full of water several times just to enjoy a hot bath will be a thing of the past.