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Concrete Floor Paint

Innovative Ideas for Painting a Concrete Floor

This DecorDezine article provides you with many ideas that would help you enhance the appearance of your concrete flooring, as well as the entire house.
Geeta Dhavale
Last Updated: Feb 21, 2018
Everyone wants their home to look warm, elegant, luxurious, and stylish. The flooring of the house plays a major role in enhancing the look of the house. Flooring tiles have become quite commonplace these days, and so have carpets. But if you are bold enough to experiment, then go for concrete flooring and paint it using some of the great ideas.
Concrete flooring paints help you save money and allow you more creative flexibility while decorating the floor. These paints can bring brightness to your home. Given below are some of the floor painting ideas that you can experiment with to make your home look beautiful.
Tiling Look
You can paint your flooring in such way that it looks as if its tiled, and not painted. This process is known as faux tiling and is perfect to create visual illusions. The process is quite simple. First you need to paint the flooring with a light background color. Now create tile-like sections with the help of masking tape. And now paint the floor with the darker color and let it dry thoroughly. Once its dried properly take the tape off and what you would see is grout lines on the flooring that resembles the tiled flooring. You can experiment any color you want or you can go for abstract shapes that would create some visual interest.
Wooden Flooring Look
Wooden flooring certainly looks royal and elegant but is also expensive. You can get the same look by using this idea, which is cost-effective as well. This is one of the ways in which you can make the best use of faux tiling. First, paint the flooring with light shade of brown color that is similar to the bark of the trees. Then let the area dry. Meanwhile create a glaze by mixing one part of dark brown and four parts of glaze and paint the floor with it. Then use a wooden graining tool over it and make sure to use it only in one direction. This will give the wood flooring look to the concrete version.
Epoxy Paint
Epoxy floor coating is ideal for basements, as it is moisture- and stain-resistant. It is also good if you want to have a smooth and even surface area as it binds very well with concrete. Apart from this, it is durable and also suitable for outdoor areas where the flooring is exposed to wear and tear and weather changes. Due to these qualities, it is a good choice for every season. It isn't used frequently for indoor painting, but if you choose the right epoxy colors, it can create a good effect. A lot of manufactures are making epoxies for indoor painting so you can try some of them that can save a lot of money.
Abstract Designs
You can create a lot of abstract mosaic designs with the help of paints. All you need is creativity. You can create stamps with the help of a sponge, dip it in the paint, and imprint on the floor. There are lots of sponge painting techniques that you can use. If it's a child's room you can make various cartoon characters by using a variety of colors. You can directly stamp the flooring with desired shapes or give a background color to the flooring and then use the stamps. One of the ideas is of leaf stamps that really transforms the look of your house making it exotic. Make leaf shaped stamps and dip them in variety of green shades and use them on the floor. You can also paint it the other way by first giving a background coat of light green and then using dark green colored stamps on it. It gives a cool and serene look to the house.
With above ideas, you would agree that painting concrete floors was never so easy. To make your work easier, there are various companies that manufacture some good quality concrete floor paints in variety of colors. According to the online paint reviews, Behr in California, Benjamin Moore and Co. in New Jersey, and Motor City Flooring in Michigan are some of the leading concrete floor manufacturers.
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