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Brick Pointing

Brick Pointing
If the wall of your house or garden is damaged, then brick pointing is what you need to go for. To know how to do it, read the following article.
Geeta Dhavale
Bricks are one of the most important and primary building materials that are a must for any building structure. They not only provide the strength and stability to it but also give it a distinguished look. Simple brick structures are one of the all-time classic trends in architecture. They add an aesthetic value to the artifact, and allow you to try various looks for a particular building. However, the only drawback with them is that the mortar between bricks comes off, when it is exposed to external weather changes, including heavy rains, snow, or heat. This is the reason why brick pointing is important to maintain such structures strong and neat.

What is It All About?

It is indeed not some complex construction process, but it involves replacing the mortar or cement between the bricks. Generally, mortar from the old structures comes off after some years, making the structure weak. Apart from weakening it, it also gives it a rough and unrepresentable look. Imagine, you have a nice brick fireplace in the highly furnished living room, but the rough bricks are worn off with all the mortar coming off them. This can ruin the entire look of your house. Be it big or small, such rough and unrepresentable structures do not look good, and hence need to be repaired. At such times, brick pointing is what comes to your rescue that transforms such rough construction to an elegant artifact.


Hiring a professional for this home improvement project can cost you a lot, and hence, to keep it to the minimum, it is better that you do it on your own, especially if the brick wall construction is smaller. Mentioned below are some of the simple steps that would assist you in this process. Before you start, you will need the following tools: mortar, water, pointing trowel, hammer, chisel, waterproof gloves, mask, safety glasses, broom, and a bucket.
  1. First, get ready with all the safety glasses, gloves, and mask. Do not forget to wear any of them, as they are important for your safety.
  2. Now, take a closer look at the wall, and check from which areas the mortar has come off. Decide if you want to replace it between all the bricks, or only from those that are highly damaged.
  3. Once you decide that, remove the old mortar or cement from them using hammer and chisel. Do it carefully without breaking or causing any damage to the surrounding ones.
  4. Now, clean the structure by dusting it with a broom properly, so that small pieces of dry mortar are removed. It is now ready to get the new mortar.
  5. Start preparing the cement for filling. Mix water and mortar in a bucket as much as you need. Keep the consistency moderate so that you can place it between the bricks properly.
  6. You can fill the gaps using mortar bags, or you can do it manually by using a pointing trowel. Give a proper shape to the mortar on the joints so that it looks neat.
  7. Once all the gaps are replaced with new mortar, let the wall dry thoroughly. After this, the structure will be shining again.
You can use various types of concrete to bring about different look and strength to it. You can buy the necessary tools from any local dealer, but be assured of the quality of the materials you are buying. Remember that the bricks are costly, and hence, it is important to make the best of them.