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Best Electric Blankets

Best Electric Blankets
For those who love to sleep snugly with a blanket, whether it's chilly outside or if the air conditioner is cranked up, these electric blankets promise a good night's sleep. Let's take a look at what to keep in mind before buying one, as well.
Bhakti Satalkar
Buying an electric blanket saves us the cost of using an electric space heater. However, if we opt for an electric blanket, the energy costs will reduce drastically. One can use an electric blanket not only while sleeping, but also when one is lazing in front of the TV or propped up with a good book. Electric blankets are no different in feel to conventional blankets. They are available in single and double sizes. Vellux, fleece, and acrylic, are some of the many fabrics used to make one. Let's take a look at some helpful electric blanket reviews, that will throw light on some of the best ones in the market.
Electric Blanket Reviews
When you choose an electric blanket, it is important that you take certain points into consideration. The first consideration is to check if the blanket is UL certified, aka, Underwriters Laboratories certified. This certification guarantees electric blanket safety for those who use them. The blanket should be equipped with automatic shut off and fast-warming features.
The automatic shut-off feature ensures safety, without it heating up too much. The blanket should come with heat adjustment features, as well. This will ensure you have the right amount heat emanating from the blanket. When the temperatures are not very low, you do not have to heat the blanket too much. Another feature which should be considered, is low voltage. These blankets are safer and reduce the risk of receiving an electric shock. Having said that, let's take a look at which blankets qualify as safe for use.
Sleepwell Dreamland Luxury Electric Mattress
This double mattress is equipped with thermo control, which ensures you have the right temperature that is appropriate for the weather. The size of the blanket is 190 cm in width and 137 cm in height. It is known for its low energy consumption. It comes equipped with 9 heat settings and has a safe system that protects against overheating.
Beurer King-Size Electric Blanket
This electric blanket is equipped with dual control and 6 control settings. Its complete fitting is made from fleece. The super-fast heat-inducing settings of this blanket make it ideal for extremely chilly locations. It is available in a size of 200 by 150 cm.
Beautyrest Warming Waffle Weave Electric Blanket
It is equipped with adjustable heating and is a single-sized blanket. One feature of this blanket that I personally liked, was the 10-hour shut off feature. The only downside is that the weave of the blanket loosens up after a period of time, which does not make sleeping in the blanket comfortable.
Dreamland Ready for Bed Fleecy Heated Mattress Cover
There are some of us who would rather sleep comfortably with a conventional blanket. If you're in two minds about if you really need an electric blanket, we'll give you a reason to buy one. The mattress cover doesn't budge from the mattress itself, keeping it in place without having to worry about it coming undone, as you tumble and turn. It is available in a size of 190 cm by 90 cm. Another plus point is that is uses less energy, thereby saving on unnecessary bill hikes.
The best blanket will actually depend on your requirements, where it all comes down to how much you are willing to pay for an electric mattress pad, in the end. We suggest getting a separate one for your partner so that each of you can regulate the temperate as per your wishes, or decide if whether a common heating surface is wiser. Make a conscious choice while buying an electric blanket safety-wise, and don't compromise on quality by opting for a cheaper make.