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Basement Ceiling Finishing Ideas

Basement Ceiling Finishing Ideas

There are many ways to finish a basement ceiling to make the room look cozy and warm, at the same time you can have the basement ceiling space accessible. Let us look at the various basement ceiling finishing options.
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Basement area of the house is often neglected and mostly used for storage purpose. However, basement area when finished properly can become an attractive and inviting space. You can convert your old dark basement area into a recreational area. You can keep a snooker table or a big TV and make the space comfortable and inviting. Or you can simply place a lush sofa set, a fireplace and a book shelf to create a unique and comfortable place which can be used during winters or for family gatherings. There are many ways to finish basement and proper planning is essential for this project. One of the areas which need to be finished with great care is the basement ceiling.

Great Looking Basement Ceiling Finishing Ideas

Two of the most considered ideas are drywall and suspended ceiling. Drywall has its own set of benefits. When it comes to basement ceiling remodeling this is one of the most considered option. Drywall helps to create a very comfortable and warm place, as it helps to maintain the basement warm.

However, installation for drywall can be difficult and you might need an extra helping hand. So, think twice before you consider installing drywall ceiling yourself. There are many professionals who do a sound job of installing a drywall for ceiling. You can find a contractor near your area. The professional will also help you make right access points for the pipes and wires. Once drywall is installed, it is very easy to decorate it. You can try out any creative ideas on the drywall you wish to. You can texture it using roller, or add decorative tiles to create focal points. Or you can paint a grand looking mural on the ceiling surface.

Suspended ceiling is quite popular as it offers many benefits. These are commercial ceiling which can help to block noise levels. This can come very handy when you want to block noise going out of basement or coming in to basement. One of the biggest advantage of suspended ceiling is that it helps to access pipes or wires running along the top of ceiling. Frame work of suspended ceiling comes mostly in a dull and single color. You can paint suspended ceiling or use different designs or colors to create vivid looking basement ceiling. Another advantage of suspended ceiling is that they are easier to install compared to drywall.

There are some other ways to finish a basement too. You can use acoustic tiles for ceilings. These can be easily cut and installed. One just needs to staple them in place after the pipes and wires to create a flat ceiling surface. One of the best ways to spruce up your basement ceiling is by adding mirrors. However, keep it subtle. If you feel adding mirrors is risky then avoid it. To make the basement space look more cozy and warm, consider adding some ambiance lighting fixtures to the ceiling.

You can finish the basement ceiling the way you like. However, keep some basics in mind. Always go for a sturdy and well installed basement ceiling surface. Keep access points on the ceilings, so that in future you can repair or check pipes or wires running along ceiling for maintenance or problems. Once this is done you can paint on the ceiling in contrasting or complementary colors or in a royal way by using mural designs. So, do proper planning when installing a ceiling and paint it creatively for a comfy and attractive basement!
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