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Zero Lot Line

Zero Lot Line
I say 'zero lot line' and you say what is that? This article will elucidate on the concept of zero lot line. Read on and construct your knowledge on zero lot line.
Azmin Taraporewala
NYC Buildings
If you are planning to construct a home of your own, then the concept of zero lot line needs your attention. A zero lot line could be defined as a technique where one boundary wall of the construction is built on the property line. It is adopted in commercial and residential constructions for a number of reasons. Certain regions are debarred from constructing zero-lot-line homes due to certain building codes that the housing development community needs to adhere to, while there are some areas that permit the construction and development on the zero lot line.

Why Use the Zero Lot Line Technique
  • One of the main reasons to employ the technique is to optimize the usage of the available space. Building the structure on the line helps to build a structure that looks spacious and well-formed.
  • A construction, right on the zero lot line, is predominantly a master plan to be employed for plots, that are small in area by nature.
  • A home construction that has setbacks and waivers, is bound to have patches of lawns and small garden areas scattered around the house boundary, on the other hand, homes built on the zero lot line may have a garden area right at the entrance. It is for this reason that these homes are referred to as garden homes, narrow lot homes or simply patio homes. Having a garden to yourself could provide you with an opportunity to install a hammock and some furniture where you could relax and feel at peace with yourself.
  • Constructing structures based on this technique, allows you to have a spacious interior. The idea of building right on the lot line, aids you to do away with construction of garden areas or any outdoor recreational spaces.
  • Concentrating on construction of a structure that focuses on indoor space optimization, exempts you from indulging in any landscape designs if you do not prefer any.
  • The zero lot line does not confine its usage to zero-lot-line house construction communities only, it can be used for structures of any kind, for instance, constructing town halls, stores and supermarkets, to name a few. A supermarket or a basic store does not require ornate landscaping to be performed at the periphery of the structure. Nevertheless, the supermarket can opt for large interiors with ample parking space for vehicles.
  • The zero lot line, when applied to housing properties proposes the ideal concept of using available space judiciously. Housing societies could be built in such a manner that each dwelling has a small garden or outdoor landscaping at the entryway, providing a sense of privacy to every resident of the housing society. Housing societies, thereby tend to create homes that consist ample room to appreciate and live with the environment.
  • The housing societies, in an attempt to use space, tend to utilize it by constructing houses that clump together, with the central area serving as the recreational or the garden space.
  • Zero lot line homes have their own advantages to promote. Nevertheless, considering a household design, it has its own loopholes to propagate.
  • Building a zero lot line dwelling for yourself may deflect your home from having a lot of windows as the available space between two structures is marginal. The other reason that spells negative for zero lot line homes, is that two structures may share the same boundary line.
  • Housing developments may pose extreme difficulties for residents as maintenance schedule and cleanliness drives could infringe on someone's personal zone.
  • It is due to this very reason that zero lot line structures, sometimes, are not entertained as one resident may unintentionally entrench the privacy of the other resident who is also a rightful resident of the society.
  • The zero lot line concept of construction is predominantly applied to public unit developments where the houses are constructed in condominium. This is where two housing structure have one common wall to share.
  • As specified early on in the article, the owner has to be prudent about any action he takes on the front of maintenance or any kind of work that involves messy processes such as plumbing, drain unclogging procedures, home decorating avenues that may involve installation of crown molds or wainscoting the walls.
  • Remember these are programs that involve toil on your part. You must ensure that the technician is an expert in his respective field and is aware of using the materials in the best possible way without creating any mess, which may cause inconvenience to your neighbor.
So, go ahead with the zero lot line technique and own a dream dwelling that flaunts elegance and a smart space utilization. Now, that's called being an environment friendly species of the Homo sapien clan! You ought to be one!