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Wrought Iron Wall Decor Ideas

Scholasticus K Dec 1, 2018
A lot of people love decorating their home interiors as well as exteriors with wrought iron artifacts. If you're one of them, browse this catalog of different wall decor ideas!
Wrought iron is widely used for furniture, fences, gates, railings, window and veranda grills. It is one of the most durable forms of iron, and has a very high aesthetic value. If you're looking forward to purchase some wrought iron artifacts for decorating walls, there are lot of home furnishing websites which sell good quality stuff at affordable prices.
Alternatively, if you have a unique design in mind, you can visit a nearby furniture store and get it made in no time. Wrought iron can be easily molded (very malleable), and thus can be fabricated into several beautiful designs.
To begin with, you can check out the awesome ideas in store for you through these images. Further, you can go through some suggestions on how to club aesthetics and utility when decorating interior or exterior walls.

Image Gallery

Cutlery Organizer

Candle Holder

Decorative Clock

Contemporary Clock

Photo Frame

Decorative Artifact


Curtain Tucker

Key Holder


Tool Organizer


Outdoor Lamp

House Number Sign

Direction Sign

Although choosing decorative designs is fun, one can also look for some utility along with good looks. Here are some tips to choose good and useful wall decorations.

Exterior Decor

As mentioned earlier, wrought iron is very durable and strong; this strength can be very well used to hook stuff to it. When choosing wrought iron decorations for exterior walls, you can look for decorative designs which can also be used to hook or hang things. This will be useful in organizing your gardening tools like rakes, hoses, trimmers, and brooms.

Interior Decor

Even when decorating interiors, one can add a lot of utility to wrought iron artifacts. Wrought iron decorations can be fabricated into designs that can house wall clocks, photo frames, or even decorative lighting.
Similarly, some designs or styles can also be used in the kitchen to hang mugs, keep jars and bottles, and store cutlery. They add beauty as well as free up ground space required for storage cabinets.
Wrought iron can also be made into wall-mounted candle holders, chandeliers, lamps, and other useful objects. Wrought iron hooks can be used to hold curtains in place, or as key-ring holders.
These were a few of the several ways in which you can thoughtfully choose wrought iron wall decor and make your home look beautiful.