Wrought Iron Stair Rails

Mayuri Kulkarni Oct 21, 2018
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Wrought iron rails are a popular type of stair rails used in homes and business centers. They are durable and come in attractive designs. The article provides a key information about their different types available and their benefits and drawbacks.
There are two types of iron: cast iron and wrought iron. The latter is superior in all aspects compared to the first. It is kind of iron that is easily malleable, soft, fibrous, and is manufactured with a mixture of poriferous iron, impurities, and slag.
It was used as a raw material for steel production during ancient times; and now, it is widely used for outdoor furniture, stair rails, doors, handrails, fencing, home décor, and wall décor due to its various useful characteristics and a broad array of designs.

Stair Rails

Rails are a very important part of home décor as they can give a classy look. They are not only necessary for interior and outdoor décoration but also for safety purposes.
There are a number of materials used to make rails including wood, stone, metal, and wrought iron. Each one has different advantages and disadvantages. Here will discuss wrought iron rails.

Wrought Iron Railings

Wrought iron rails are the most popular types used. They are easy to install, and they fit into a variety of styles. These were initially used for spiral stairs of tall buildings, like lighthouses. They became popular soon, and were used in homes.
They are the best option for safety, and also give the staircase a very graceful look. They are available in a variety of designs from simple to classic. They come in many shapes and sizes, and can fit into any type of stairway.
These rails are a great idea to improve home décor, and are considered to be a favorite of interior designers. They blend well with any type of staircase and provide support without affecting the beauty. Outdoor railings made of wrought iron are quite popular these days.


The main advantage of these rails is the fact that they are durable and highly resistant to any type of weather. Moreover, they go well with any type of interior décor and are always trendy. The list of designs that can be made is unending, and includes circles, triangles, flowers, and just about any design that fulfills your needs.
These designs can be made very easily without affecting the strength of the staircase. These designs are possible because of the ductile and malleable property of the iron. Even with simple designs, they give a sophisticated look to the staircase, and have a good resistance to vibration and shock.


The only disadvantage is that they are quite expensive. However, they are the best option with their durability and elegance. Whether they are installed on the balcony, entryway, or loft, they increase the beauty of your home décor and are always singled out for appreciation.
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