Wrought Iron Furniture Items for Home Decor

Wrought iron furniture can add a touch of old-world charm as well as contemporary chic to your home decor. Enlisted here are some ideas for the same.
DecorDezine Staff
Last Updated: Jul 23, 2018
If it is style and elegance you are looking for in your home décor, wrought iron furniture has withstood the test of time as far as fashion and comfort are concerned. The furniture and the exquisite accessories never seem to go out of vogue. Giving off an aura that emanates both an age-old grace and modern elegance, it can suit just about any home décor.
For Indoors
wrought iron dining table
A dining table and chairs made of wrought iron can make any dining room look classy. Place a candle-holder in the center of the table whenever you plan a romantic candlelight dinner. Team it with cabinets that have intricate decorations, and a mirror to add a special touch that will make dining a pleasurable experience.
Interior, lovely bedroom
In the bedroom, you can either go for a stunning canopy bed, or go with intricately designed headboards.
plain bed touch with side table
If you like the minimalist look, you could choose a starkly-plain bed made of simple, straight lines. Add a finishing touch with small table bases topped with smoked glass as side tables, on top of which you can place table lamps to give it a cozy look.
sofa with coffee table
And as for the living room, aside from sofas and stylish coffee tables, you could set up a bar on one side of the room with a wrought iron bar table teamed with matching stools, where you can also place an elaborately designed wine rack of the same material with flower or leaf accents.
You can add a delightful touch to your kitchen by installing a wrought iron baker's rack, which can also be used as an extra storage space or for displaying bric-a-brac.
Entryway With Iron Staircase
The entrance of your home can look great with a gorgeous wrought iron staircase, whether it winds in a spiral or goes straight up. Combine that with a chandelier in the hallway. Add an ultimate finishing touch by installing door hardware such as door knockers or door handles.
Wall Décor
Candle sconces
Various wall décor items made from this material. For example, wall vases for flower arrangements. Ornate and plain candle sconces look lovely when lighted candles in them. 
You could have framed wall pictures, wall shelves, wall hangings, wall fountains, wall brackets, and even wall statuettes.
Popular Items
There are so many popular items that you can use all over your home. You can make a stunning statement in the garden by installing an armillary sundial and topiary frame.
Modern Bathroom Home
Your bathrooms can be fitted with towel racks and a tissue holder made of wrought iron, which will not only be functional, but also add a style statement.
Likewise, you can have cup-and-saucer racks, utensil holders, suspended potholders, and paper towel holders made of the same in your kitchen.
Garden Furniture
Wrought iron is great for the outdoors too. For instance, you can have a gazebo made with it in ornate designs. You can plant your favorite vines to accentuate this gateway. You can either allow it to rust to create that antique look, or paint it with a color of your choice.
Cozy Garden Corner
You could also make cozy little nooks in your garden with lounging chairs and tables, and colorful cushions to complement them. Or a bench where you can curl up with a book on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Surround yourself with flowerpots, lampposts, and even fencing.
Wrought Iron Furniture in Garden
Garden table and chairs
Wrought Iron Staircase
wrought iron Staircase
Wrought iron gives an extremely unique and beautiful look to furniture. With the many furniture options available for you to choose from, it is a good idea to make it a part of your home décor.