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Wood Paneled Ceilings

Wood Paneled Ceilings
Wooden ceilings are a timeless idea for interiors, even in their simplest forms. Here are some designs for wood paneled ceilings to pick from...
Aparna Jadhav
Last Updated: Dec 03, 2018
Dining room attached to kitchen
Imagine opening your eyes to a beautifully polished wooden ceiling, and pleasant wall colors. The feeling is surely warm and homely, as that is how wood ceilings make you feel.
Installing a wood ceiling can do more than half of the interior decoration and you wouldn't need too many accessories to decorate your home. If you don't wish to invest a lot of money, all you could do is get your original ceiling paneled with wooden planks.
Wooden ceiling
Wood paneled ceilings are the simplest options, you could choose to make your interiors look modern yet elegant. Paneling, which is usually used for floors, can be used on walls and ceilings to give a dramatic change to the interior.
Pine panels are the most commonly used for paneling as they are durable, inexpensive and look very stylish when installed. Thus, if you are thinking of getting a wooden ceiling, a paneled one would be the best suggestion. Here are some designs and ideas you could use for the same.
Ideas to Choose From
Wood paneling is the installation of wood planks or panels close to each other, in a parallel fashion on a base that provides support. It is the most basic and simple way of using wood for any purpose like building boats, installing flooring and even constructing houses. So, when these panels are used on walls or ceilings, they look both simple and stylish.
These ceilings are better choices than any other designer ceilings because, they are durable, affordable and you won't need to remodel your ceiling for years together. So, let's take a look at a few patterns that you could use for these paneled ceilings. Take a look and pick your favorites.
Flat Panel Ceiling
Wooden Bedroom With Two Single Bed
The first type is the ones which include flat panels. These panels or planks of wood are installed on a flat base or the original ceiling in the horizontal manner.
These ceilings look very elegant and rich when polished, and their effect is accentuated with ceiling lights installed inside them. These flat panel ceilings are the most flexible to design and convert in any desired shape and style.
You could make circular ceilings, false and drop ceilings with these flat panels, and create some modern wood ceiling ideas. Linear panels are similar but are placed in the vertical manner and could have spaces between each panel to create a unique tropical look.
Vaulted Ceiling
Modern attic ceiling
Vaulted ceilings are those which have an arched structure made from materials such as concrete or stone. However, nowadays, you will find these ceiling designs constructed with wooden panels as well.
However, the wood vaulted ceilings are not domed like the original ones, but usually have a pointed arch at the top. These ceilings, made from wood paneling, look brilliant when they are installed in a living or an attic room. Vaulted designs are usually preferred in homes with a high ceiling, but can be installed in apartments on a lower level as well.
Curved Ceiling
Curved Ceiling
Another very recent addition to wood ceilings are the curved styles, which are created by installing the curved panels. These panels are made by commercial manufactures and are available in both hardwood and veneer.
There are many designs in these curved panels such as: concave, convex, thick and thin curved, zigzag, etc., which can be incorporated beautifully to make unique curved ceilings. These designs give the wood ceilings a very stylish and patterned touch, that is usually related only to concrete and drywall ceilings.
Along with lights and chandeliers, you could accentuate the look of these ceilings even more.

With these great ideas, hope you have come across some new tips to style your home ceilings. So, go ahead and give your home a touch of style with the color of wood!