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Wood Ceiling

Aparna Jadhav Feb 8, 2019
Having a wood ceiling is a great idea for change, if you want to get a new look for your home. Not only does woodwork look creative, it is aesthetically pleasing as well. Read on, to find out what can be some great options in the wooden variety.
Most of us have plaster ceilings in our homes, as we find them durable, aesthetic, and convenient. However, instead of this, if you had an attractive wood ceiling to go with the interiors of your home, how would you feel? Ceilings are not just another piece of construction in the house, they have a very big impact on the interior designing of the house.
Many people like to have decorative lights and designs on them, because if you have a beautiful home, why not an attractive ceiling? One such option you can use, to make your home look classy and stylish, is to install a false ceiling over the current one. Here's a look at some of these classy options.

Ideas, Styles, and Designs

Across the world, there are homes in which ceilings are done with various different materials, the most common being plaster. They are however, very attractive, inexpensive, and durable. They are usually made from different types of wood and their composites, which give them color, texture, and durability.
They also have a variety of properties depending on their components, since they are usually a blend of two or more materials. Therefore, you can have a wide choice of designs to choose from. Albeit explained briefly, these should suffice for you to pick the ones that suit your home.

Plywood Type

Plywood is a commonly used material to make the ceilings. These panels are easy to install, don't need much maintenance and look very attractive. They are usually used to make drop ceilings, where the original plaster one hosts wooden panels.
There are two main types, which are used, viz: the decorative one, that needs only varnish and the commercial one, that can be painted. In either of these, there are many designs, which are used to make the interiors look grand. Usually used as an asset in interior decorating, plywood ceilings are used indoors as well as in verandas or porches.

Planned Type

This trend was essentially set in the Britain, and homes which have the Victorian theme preferably use them. However, they can be used as extraordinary design ideas in modern homes as well, with the various patterns, which are easily installed.
These were usually used in the earlier centuries and they were considered to be a luxury. They are strong, heavy, and durable, where horizontal and vertical beams are made to create design and hold the roof.
Since these were and are made of pure timber planks, and not wood composites, they are slightly expensive. However, the sight of rich brown varnished wood is amazing, and paying for it will surely be worth it!

Molding Type

Another unique type, used in many homes nowadays, is the molding type. Here, there are either wooden, glass, or plaster tiles which are installed, with wood moldings on their borders.
The end result of this design is that your ceiling looks decorative with square tiles with wooden borders. You can also install lights inside these tiles or around the moldings to make it look absolutely ravishing.
These moldings can either be very light wood moldings or heavy planks, which are used to improve the visual appeal of your interiors. These designs can be used in living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, and even hallways if your home has a high ceiling.
With these fantastic ideas, you can surely think about getting these installed in your home. They look very rich and can change the entire face of your home. So, go ahead and make your home look as royal as you imagined it to be, as all you have to do is design the ceiling!