Wire Shelving

Ranjan Shandilya Nov 25, 2018
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Wire shelves are a cheap and extremely efficient alternative to wooden and inbuilt furniture. Read on to know more...
A common argument seen in many families is for space. Not the personal space or the bubble that one needs to maintain their sanity, its about the space to keep stuff ranging from books to clothes or anything.
Built in wooden furniture and cupboards are the best, but if you stay in a rented apartment, then investing money into furniture is not feasible as there is a possibility that it may not fit in your next apartment. Wire shelves are cheap alternatives to expensive wooden furniture.
You can get standard wire shelves from the market. But if you have time and want to get creative, you can install wire shelves around the house. It does not take too much of time and works out cheaper. You can customize it as per the space and requirement.

Installing Wire Shelving

Following are the steps to install your own wire closet shelf:

✤ Before you begin installation, prepare the area well. Paint the closet if required. Remove any unwanted screws or nails that you have driven into the walls.

✤ Mark a level line using a level guide along the wall where you want to install the shelf.
✤ Drill holes for the anchor hooks. Make sure you read the manufacturer's advice for the size of the hole to be drilled.

✤ Secure the hook by driving in its screw and hang the back of the shelf on a pair of anchors.

✤ Diagonal support is attached to both ends for support. Raise the shelf to the right to drill a hole at the bottom for the diagonal support.

Useful Tips

Keep the following in mind while considering wire shelves:

✦ While purchasing wire racks, ensure that it includes a warranty against rust and deformation.

✦ If you are purchasing mobile wire shelving units, then ensure that you get locking wheels to avoid accidents and spillage.
✦ For shelving of kitchen, to store small jars which may tilt over or slip, use a 'wire shelf liner roll', a thick plastic sheet. The sheet can be cleaned with a damp cloth.
✦ Chrome wire shelving are more popular and are available in almost all size and shape.
✦ If you require wire shelved for dry storage or cooler and freezer objects, then epoxy powder coated wire shelving would be ideal.
✦ You can add drawers and baskets to the existing shelf with runner frames or hanging drawer glides.

✦ For corner spaces around the house or office, use a specially designed corner piece that has shelves attached on either sides or use 2 straight shelves, one ending at the wall and other at the edge of the first. Make sure you use corner support connectors.
✦ You can turn an ordinary wire shelf into a shoe shelf simply by turning the shelf piece upside down that is by pointing the lip upwards.

Industrial Wire Shelving

Wire shelving is greatly used in food service industries, retail and general stores. Purchase this equipment from a dealer, expert in the kind of storage you need. Choose from a variety of open and closed, mobile or even adder units that share posts with existing units using wire shelf chips. There are shelves that support up to 1500 pound of weight too.
Hopefully you have gathered enough tips to clean the clutter around the house. What are you waiting for? Time to get into action and implement the tips...
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