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The Best and Truly Opulent Wine Rack Design Ideas

Wine Rack Design Ideas
Wine tastes best only when stored properly. The aroma and the taste get spoiled if the storage is not proper. Choose the best-suited wine rack for your collection to maintain the essence of the wine; from simple to very sophisticated and rustic to contemporary, you can be spoiled for choice.
DecorDezine Staff
Last Updated: Jun 13, 2018
Wine Rack
Wine racks can be built by using any material, in any shape and size. There are hosts of designs which you can choose from, for a brand new rack. Selecting a proper place to store wine is also very important. You have to ensure that the storage area has sufficient light, proper humidity and temperature.
Wine Cellar
There are many professional wine storing firms, where you can store your expensive wine. In your house, you can store the short-term wines in a refrigerator or in any cool, dark corner. However, long-term wines need to have dedicated cabinets or racks.
Choicest Designs
Wine cellar
You can choose from the variety of designs that are available, according to your sense of aesthetics and preference. All wines are meant to be stored at specific temperatures and levels humidity. The location of the wine rack should be such that both these parameters are met.
Freestanding Design
Everyone wants their wine collection to be appreciated and the best way to do so is by displaying it in a manner that grabs everyone's attention! Freestanding floor design does just that. The size and the shape of the racks vary as per your needs.
Personal Wine Cellar
These are very convenient in the sense that they double up as storage units as well as decorative pieces. These are akin to our regular wooden racks and can be made in wrought iron.
Wine Cellar
In addition to the storage, these can be used to highlight and complement the other elements of furniture. These are useful if the walls are not strong enough to hold wall-mounted racks. They are readily available online and in furniture stores. For safety purpose, these can be bolted to the floor to avoid the rack from falling over.
Old Wine Cellar
Quick fact: In ancient times, wine was stored in wine caves. The first known wine cave was built in 1870 in Napa Valley.
Modular Design
This stackable design is able to expand. You can make space for the bottles by simply adding an additional frame to existing modular rack. The best part is that you can start small and then keep on adding frames as per your taste and necessity.
This design suits amateur drinkers who wish to grow their collection. Also, modular racks are great for wine cellars. Wine enthusiasts suggest this design, as it allows them to add to their wine collection. You can find these in furniture stores and online stores.
Quick fact: The first known illustration of wine drinking is found on a 5,000-year-old Sumerian panel known as the Standard of Ur.
Under-cabinet Design
This is one of the most affordable wine rack designs from the ones that are available. These wine racks are available in designs that can store the stemware as well. These can be attached to kitchen islands with the help of fasteners. This saves space as well as money.
Also, the under-cabinet placement is accessible. But overall, it is a good way to showcase your collection in a cost-effective manner.

Quick fact: Wine cannot be stored in kitchen refrigerators for more than one year.
Wall-mounted Design
It is also known as the hanging design. These racks are quite sturdy and come in many shapes and sizes. If you have fewer wine bottles in your collection and are looking for ways to flaunt it, then a smaller hanging design can work for you.
The main advantage of this design is the least utilization of floor space. Wrought iron, powder-coated steel, wood, glass, etc., are used to make this type of wine rack. They are available at furniture stores and online.
Quick fact: A beginner should use a wine bottle cooler, a little larger collection will need a wine cooler, and a bigger collection will need wine cellars for wine storage.
Freestanding Countertop Design
If sufficient space is not available to install a wall-mounted or floor wine rack, this design can prove useful. Countertop-designed racks can be placed anywhere in the house, right from the kitchen top to a side table.
Such a design looks elegant and at the same time saves a lot of space as well. Such racks come in different storage capacities from 2 to 12 bottles. Some countertop wine racks come with an inbuilt temperature controller that helps to keep the wine fresh. Like the under-cabinet design, these racks are also very affordable.
Quick fact: Antique Wine Company and LINLEY created the world's most expensive wine rack, costing $1.4 million in 2010!
You are sitting in the cozy corner of your house with your friends. You wish to enjoy the conversation with a glass of your favorite wine. But you may have to run to your bar each time you need to make the drink.
Have a Look at This!
How about a design that serves as a table and also stores your favorite wine and stemware. This unique design will just do that! You can store wine that remains fresh at room temperature in this table. The accessibility to the wine is the USP of this design.
Wine Rack Design Ideas
Wine Rack
Cheese Plate In Wine Rack
Wine Cellar Room
Closeup Shot Of Wine Shelf
Wine Cellar With Wine Bottles
Barrels And Bottles On Shelf In Cellar
That was it! At the end of the day, it is your house and it is according to your requirements that a wine rack should be made. It would not make any difference, as to which design you choose, as long as it is made well.