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Interesting Window Treatment Ideas

Sonal Panse Nov 25, 2018
There are various window treatments available for practically every kind of window these days. You can get creative with these and design some perfectly lovely and eye-catching window treatments for your windows.
When selecting a window treatment, it is important to first consider the exact purpose of it - is it merely decorative, for light control, for privacy, for insulation, or for a mix of all these things? You must take into account the shape, size, and design of the window, the architecture of the room, and the theme you want to create.
From this you can decide if you are going to get shades, blinds, shutters, or curtains/draperies or, perhaps, a mix of all these. Then, come to the choice in materials. There's plenty of that.
To name a few, window treatments can be spruced up with a variety of materials like vinyl, wood, bamboo, natural grasses, woven reeds, cotton, linen, Georgette, denim, moire, and silk. You can mix up different materials to create an interesting textural variety.
Always keep in mind that heavy textured surfaces reflect less light than smooth textured surfaces. Consider the length of draperies, where they are going to be mounted, and whether you plan to install a pelmet or a decorative or a plain curtain rod.
Color is another important factor to consider in window treatments. You can make up combinations of 2 or more colors - up to 3 seems to be a conventional rule. You can go for some bright colored patterns.
By using the right color or colors as a focal point, you can charge up the feel of a room, make it seem more cozy and warm or give it a more open, spacey look. Just be sure to check beforehand how the colors appear at different times of the day and how this will affect the overall look.
Then you must accurately measure the area required for the window treatment. This is necessary to get the precise measurements of curtain rods, pelmets, valances, fabric, and blind lengths, etc.
You can create a variety of interesting window treatment ideas. Here are a few ideas to get you started:
● Use bright colors against a light background to make the window seem larger.
● Use curving drapery lines to soften the look of a square or rectangular window.
● For a small space, use a simple window treatment and leave the elaborate, layered treatments for a larger area.
● Use similar treatments if you have multiple windows or different ones that are distinctly different from each other, you can either get treatments that complement one another and create a good visual, balance or play up and accentuate the irregularities to an interesting effect.
● Use lace curtains in combination with wooden shutters or wooden blinds.

● Use cafe curtains (which are short curtains, about half the length of the window, and installed on a rod or wire on the lower half of the window, leaving the upper area open).
● Use plain mini-blinds in combination with funky patterned drapes or vice versa.
● Use pale bamboo shutters in combination of light linen or cotton curtains, or use these curtains in combination with woven grass shades.
● Use horizontal blinds - of any material - for sliding glass windows.
Try out different materials and combinations of materials in a variety of styles, and see what suits the place and what suits you as well.