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Window Treatments for Small Windows

Kritika Parwani Dec 5, 2018
People who have small windows in their homes find it challenging to avail the right window treatment. There are a lot of options for treating small windows, but you need to find the one that fulfills your requirement, suits your decor and style. Read on to get some ideas about the same.
Windows form an integral part of any room. They are not only functional (letting in air and light), but they also add a beautiful touch to the room. No matter what kind of windows you have―bay windows, basement windows, or small windows―they all require window treatments to enhance the beauty of the room.
Today, we would talk about small windows. Though it may seem difficult to find window treatments for these small casements, it does not have to be so.
Small windows can make the entire room look cumbersome or even awkward. Thus, it is important to select window treatments that disguise the size, but at the same time allow enough light to come in.
Window treatments can be a great way to enhance the interior décor without burning a hole in your pocket or consuming too much time. You can make use of shutters, curtains, drapes, blinds, etc., to add a touch of class to the window and the room.

Window Treatments For Small Windows


One great way to make small windows look larger and more dramatic is by using panels. It's best to use light-colored panels that start well above the windows and touch the floor.
Also, the width of the window can be made to give a wider appearance by having panels that are wider than the window. To complete the look, add details like ring tops, prominent wood poles, finials, and brackets.

Stained Glass

Instead of trying to cover up the window, a great window treatment can be accentuating it by installing colorful stained glass panels. A stained glass window can shift the focus from the size of the window to the beauty of it.
The different colors of the stained glass will capture natural light that will not only make the window the focal point of the room, but also make the room look brighter. However, this option can get a little pricey.


Another option is the use of window blinds or Roman shades. Though there are various kinds of shades, the best option for small windows is a flat or hobbled Roman shade. Roman shades when pulled down, will create the illusion of size for the window.
Instead of soft fabric blinds, try bamboo shades or woven wooden shades that have a great texture. Since they are semitranslucent, you will need to put a blackout lining if you need privacy in the room.


Curtains are an evergreen option for window treatments of any kind. To make it a little different, try using café curtains with decorative wood or iron rods.
Usually, they are hung midway on a normal window, but since we want to treat a small window, you can hang it a little lower and let the lower end of the curtain extend to the length of the window, giving the illusion of length.
As the top half will be open for light and view, it is usually appropriate for rooms that do not require too much privacy, making them apt for small basement windows.
There are plenty of other options, but it is important to choose the one that suits your requirements of décor and your budget. Happy gracing!