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Unbelievably Versatile Window Treatments for Large Windows

Window Treatments for Large Windows
Looking out for window treatments for those large windows in your house? Here is a collection of some good ideas for window treatments for large windows. Take a peek at these window treatment designs and styles.
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Have you thought about what distinguishes doors from windows? They are similar in the sense that both of them open into the external world. Both doors and windows are our gateways to the exterior world. Then, why are they 'treated' differently? Perhaps, it is because windows deserve a special treatment. It is the window that help us connect with the world outside. Doors need a knock, windows don't.
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The Sun does not require permission to peep in through a window, the rain doesn't require to knock doors. Through windows, the raindrops come and they are welcome! There are 'door' bells; for windows there aren't any. Windows greet everything that comes their way and serve as our interface to the external world. They need to be treated well with some beautiful window treatment styles and designs, so that they become a treat to the eyes.
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Large windows can definitely be considered as an asset of a house. Being large in size, they allow a lot of natural light to enter; they let in the natural breeze thus making the room bright and airy. They make the room look spacious. You are lucky if your room is blessed with those huge gateways to the picturesque exteriors - large windows. Window treatments have three main purposes. They insulate heat and cold, filter light and safeguard privacy.
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Window treatments are similar in purpose and function to window coverings except that window treatments are decorative and are meant to add an aesthetic appeal to the interiors. Treating large windows is not very difficult. The one thing you need to consider is the size of the window treatments, which depends on the amount of light filtration and heat and cold insulation you require, and also on whether protecting privacy is your main concern. Let's look at some ideas for large window treatments.
Large Window Treatment Ideas
Fabric Window Treatments
Fabric Window Treatments
Fabric window treatments are perhaps the most common among large window treatments. Curtains, drapes and sheers are some of the popularly used ones. Lighter fabrics retain less moisture. So, they are suitable for use in rooms with high moisture content, such as bathrooms and the kitchen. Heavier materials should be used in rooms where privacy is a concern.
Fabric Window Treatments
Fabric window treatments like curtains and drapes may not be a smart choice if the large window in your room faces the sun. In case the window receives sunlight throughout the day, the color of the fabric might fade. However, if you choose the right colors, textures and designs, fabric treatments are best for light and heat insulation as well as for safeguarding privacy.
Window Drapes and Curtains
Big Window With Drape And Curtain
Window treatment curtains keep out light while keeping in the warmth that is much-needed during the chilly months of winter. The most common form of window curtains is the two panel curtains that hang on the sides of a window. Single panels cover the entire window and can be held to one side by using tie backs. Cafe curtains that cover only the bottom half of a window can be paired with valances and used as treatments for large windows.
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There is a wide choice of fabrics and patterns in window treatment curtains and drapes. Custom-made curtains can be used for odd-sized large windows. Window treatment drapes can be considered for windows having radiators under the sills. Drapes with heavy designs and large patterns look good as treatments for large windows. Cotton drapes are best for large windows in the kitchen or the children's room as it's easier to wash them.
Window Blinds and Shades
Window blinds
When it comes to treatments for large windows, we cannot forget window blinds. Window treatment blinds made of bamboo, jute or paper prove to be an eco-friendly choice of window treatments. They also give a cozy look to your room decor. The horizontal window blinds are easy to use and require less space, while vertical blinds can serve as the best treatments for large windows.
Panel tracks, similar in construction to window blinds, are another good way to treat large windows. They are commonly used as large window treatments in Asian homes. Another option is shades. If filtering light is not a major concern, go for sheer shades. Cellular and plated shades can also be used as treatments for large windows. Roman shades is another good way to treat the large windows in your house. Room darkening roller shades are a good option if you seek privacy or don't want bright light in the room.
Window Treatments for Bay and Bow Windows
Bay and Bow Windows
The large windows that project out from the main walls of a house are known as bay or bow windows. They are large in size and hence create the illusion of a large room. Their expanded viewing area allows more natural light and breeze, while also bringing an element of elegance to the room decor. If you have a window seat spanning the width of the window or a small part of it, you should consider installing curtains or blinds that will protect you from the sun and also allow soft breeze.
Bay window
Bay windows are known for their large size. So, in treating these windows, you have good scope for decorating your home interiors. For a simple look, you can have light-colored curtains covering the windows. Curtains in thick fabrics are a good option if you seek protection from cold while blinds are good for shielding the sunrays.
Decorative Window Treatment Designs
Decorative Window
Curtains or drapes made in linen and silk, ruffled window curtains, sheer curtains, valances and cornices are some of the most decorative window treatments for large windows. The traditionally used swags are nonetheless popular for a formal look they give to a room. They are ideal for large windows in the living or dining room. A bishop's sleeve that gives the appearance of a blousy puff on the sides of a window, jabots, pleated panels or cascades, pleated pieces of fabric, when used with swags make some decorative window treatments.
Decorative window
Honeycomb shades provide a good insulation from extreme temperature conditions, while also offering light control and privacy. Their hexagonal cells give a fresh look to the windows, thus making honeycomb shades, a unique window treatment design. Balloon fabric shades that have inverted pleats, cuffed Roman shades with a cuffed bottom hemline and relaxed Roman fabric shades that give a soft look to the window, are some other decorative window treatment ideas.
Now you know how windows can be treated differently and we hope you remember why they need that different treatment! It's because windows have a different way of looking at the world. They are open and welcoming, and worth being treated differently. Go ahead and give those large windows, the treatment they deserve!
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