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Window Treatments for Arched Windows

Aarti R Oct 17, 2018
We come across arched windows very often in the contemporary style homes. Here we shall have a look at some treatments for this pattern of windows.
Window treatments play an important role in home decor. Decoration and privacy are the two objectives of installing them. The style of treatment is dependent on the window architecture. Arched windows exude the charm of old wooden houses.
The elegance and look of the room is enhanced due to them, but many a time, you may find it difficult to embellish them. Here are some tips on window treatments for arched windows.
The arched windows undoubtedly give a different dimension to a room compared to that of gicen by a rectangular window. However, when it comes to cover them, people find it difficult. Blinds and curtains are the two important window covers.

Two Important Window Covers

Window Blinds

Arched window blinds are the best option for covering the arch windows. The pre-made blinds can be available along with the custom-made arched blinds. These can be operated manually or with a motorized control.
Faux wood window blinds are a good option, and can go with any style of home décor. Bright colored venetian blinds are suitable for home décor of a contemporary style. Arched window blinds are easy to install or you can hire a professional to install them.
Pleated polyester is also a good option. In smaller rooms, you can use roman blinds for the rectangular part of the window, leaving aside the semi-circular part on the top. This makes them look wider and shorter, and adds to the beauty and privacy of the room.

Window Curtains

Arched drapery rods can be used to install the curtains, which can be made of fabric that suits the style of decoration of your room. The only difference between the rectangular and the arched window curtains is that these curtains do not open horizontally.
The arched ones open vertically and they have side ties for that purpose. The use of different types of fabrics is not restricted with the arched windows; you can experiment with different fabrics for the curtains. Embroidered drapery fabric can also enhance the beauty of your windows.
The color of the curtains must be chosen such that they complement the color of the walls and the overall style of the room. If your room is tiny, choose lighter shades. This will make the room seem bigger in size. On the other hand, if your kitchen is too big, go for darker shades to make the room look inviting.
Many a time, the semi-circular part of the window is left uncovered and curtains and draperies are used to cover the rectangular part.
This creates a striking contrast effect on the semi-circular part, to render an elegant look. Instead of using the traditional drapery, go for colors and textures that complement and contrast each other. These were some interesting window treatments for arched windows.