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Window Treatment Ideas for Small Windows

Palmira S Jan 6, 2019
Treatment ideas for small windows undermentioned, will definitely improve the look of the room. There are a number of window treatments, but choosing the right one is very important.
Windows are a must in every room. They serve the purpose of privacy and also allow required light and air to come inside the room. The sizes of the window may differ from large to small.
Window treatments are required for enhancing the look of the windows and room, let the window be small or big. Along with this, window cleaning is also required to keep the windows clean, neat and tidy.

How to Decorate a Small Window?


Instead of opting for curtains that match with the style of the window, select one which will match the room's style. In order to draw attention to the smaller windows, opt for curtains with dark colors and those having bold designs.
Use light colored panels that start above the panel and puddle on the floor, making the window appear big in size. Use curtains with deep pelmets, in order to make the windows look tall and deep.

Curtain Poles:

There are different variety of curtain poles available in the market. You can opt for decorative and dark-colored curtain poles. If you want to make the windows look big in size, then you can use curtain poles that extend the window. Window will definitely appear big by this.

Decorative Window Film:

For covering the windows, you can use decorative window film. Window films are available in different colors. You can have the window film, according to the amount of light you want. If you don't want more sunlight, then a dark-colored window film. Else, use  a light colored window film. Removing window film is an easy and you can remove it any time.


Window blinds can also help in giving a decorative look to the windows. Vertical blinds look good on small windows, as they make them appear big in size. For small windows, opt for dark color blinds. Dark-colored window blinds are eye-catching.


Drapes make the whole window appear elegant and beautiful. Since, they are available in a variety of colors and patterns, you can match them easily with the look of the room and also, with the furniture present in the room.
You can match them with the window or other window treatments, without any effort or hassle.


More than adding a decorative look to the window, shuters are used for serving a particular purpose. The shutters should be of a proper size, else difficulty might be experienced, while opening and closing it.
Hopefully, these ideas will help in adding some beauty to the windows. With the help of right window treatment, you can make the small windows appear big in size if you want.