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Treatment Ideas for Bay Windows

Pragya T Oct 25, 2018
Does your living room, bedroom, or study have bay windows? Here are some great ideas that will lend a fresh, attractive, and altogether new look to your home.
A bay window is a series of large windows that project from the outer wall of a building, and form a recess on the inside. These allow a lot of light to enter the room, and hence can be used to convert it into a study room, or a beautiful summer room. Having these windows in living rooms or bedrooms is common too.
Many people prefer to have garden-facing ones. With some unique window treatment ideas, you can add some more attractive features to the big, beautiful view of the garden.

Attractive Bay Window Treatment Ideas

You can transform the space around a bay window into an appealing, inviting, and beautiful one. It is possible to create a beautifully lit living room, a bright bedroom, or simply a relaxing space near such a window. For this purpose, make sure you use the right curtains, curtain rods, and other small decorative items.
To create a relaxing space, you can use shades of white, green, or yellow, i.e You can use a white hammock that goes with the white covering of the window. Some green plants make the place look fresher, and more earthy.
Few accents like a miniature elephant statue and a photo frame are added too. The floor is left bare to show off the beautiful dark wooden flooring, and also to help keep the space cleaner.
Here is a super-relaxing and attractive place, that is perfect for your Sunday holidays. It also provides a beautiful view of the landscape, and can be a place to retire in solitude. For this window treatment, soft transparent curtains are used.
If you wish, you can go for a futon that can be placed with some pillows so that you can sit, and read a book. To save money, you can create something similar, using some creativity. You can create the curtains yourself by some basic sewing. You can place layers of old futons or a yoga mat, and throw in some pillows.

For The Living Room

Bay windows in living rooms look regal, and increase the amount of natural light. The best thing is to select the curtains and their rods in such a way, that they go with the black and white home decor.
Put two lamps, kept at the corners, work as an accent as well as a source of light during the nighttime. Adding a touch of goldin the decor, to add to the regality. You can use a similar combination of sitting space and colors to create a great combination of comfort and elegance.
Here is an elegant-looking space. You may use brown-colored sofas instead of the blue ones. Another suitable option could be off-white sofas with brown pillows. You can also add some delicate pink or white pillows on the sofa.
In a theme where the windows are facing the garden, valance curtains also be used. A coffee table, flower vase, and chairs have been kept as well. The furniture is covered with fabric. If you can't find a fabric for the curtains to match that on the furniture, try to opt for similar color or patterns at least.
In this refreshing decor, cream and white form the theme. White lamps have been installed near the window frames. White sofa and windows add to the decor. This is a simple treatment which is easy to maintain, and also pleasing to the eye.
You can add to the fresh look by using vertical shutters, and a green, curved sofa with white pillows. Arrange a sprig of bright, colorful flowers in a vase, and keep it on a coffee table in front of the sofa.

For The Bedroom

This is a simple decorating idea for bedroom windows. The dominant colors are dark blue and white. The window frames, walls, and bed are white, while the bedcovers and curtains used are dark blue. A decorative items and houseplant are kept near the window sill.
Bay windows and translucent vertical shutters can be used to create soft lighting in a bedroom. It provides a relaxing atmosphere to sit, and read a book. At the same, time it isn't too glaring to disturb your siestas.
The picture here shows a bedroom with a white curtains. On top of it, there are white vertical shutters, that allow some light to pass through.
White soft fabric swags, and same material curtains cover these. The entire furniture in the room is white in color. To add color, yellow, patterned bedcovers have been selected. Same pattern has been used for the settee near the window.
Another theme of brown and white is used in this bedroom. For this bay window treatment, you can use simple, white, sliding curtains and a coffee table. One only needs to keep brown and white items in the room to duplicate this look.

For The Study Area

This is a natural-looking bay windows decor specially used for study. Earthy colors have been used to create a relaxing yet formal space. The half opened windows control the flow of natural light. Keep 2-4 plants near the couch to feel like resting in nature and reading.
This window treatment lends a romantic aura, which is simple, yet attractive. Again, shutters and patterned, white, translucent blinds are used. A piano can be kept, along with photos and awards. A plant adds life to this setup.

Simple & Elegant Treatments

This is a living room space, but it is moderately furnished, and very simply decorated. Here, soft colors are used. A rusty couch, few wall hangings, wooden floor etc. form part of the decor.
The window frames are painted white, and kept bare still covered with white curtains so that the you will feel fresh.
This is the simplest of treatments, still unique one you can arrange two seperate beds facing a window. Some of the floor area is kept bare, like wooden floor need no carpet.
This space can be creatively used in many ways. So, what do you think one can do with it? Add some plants? A settee perhaps? How about a coffee table with two chairs?
Use some creative ideas, and create either a two-colored simple theme, or beautiful patterns to create rich-looking bay window treatments. Use your creativity to personalize your space.