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Window Glazing Tips

Window Glazing Tips
Glazing single pane windows helps prolong its lifetime. Learn how to replace the old glaze putty with new from this DecorDezine article.
Sheetal Mandora
Glazing is an integral part of any wall or window, that is made up of glass. Homeowners that have single pane windows can are the perfect candidate for this kind of installation. Being energy-efficient, glazed windows not only keep the house draft-free, but also help maintain the temperature; which inwardly reduces your utility expense.
How to Glaze a Window
Glazing can be done in new and old window panes. It is mounted inside the window itself with the help of few necessary items (mentioned below), to keep the glaze from moving.
Required Tools
  • Glazing (your choice of glass―clear or tinted float glass, laminated glass, tempered glass or coated glass)
  • Blow torch
  • Hand gloves
  • Face mask
  • Protective eye glasses
  • 2 paint brushes
  • Scraper
  • Caulking gun
  • Primer paint
  • Putty knife
Steps to Glaze Windows
  • In order to apply the new glaze, first you will have remove the old one. Wear your hand gloves, face mask, and protective eye glasses before you begin.
  • With a scraper and a blow torch, remove the old glaze. Be very careful while you use either of these tools. Keep your gloves and mask on at all times.
  • Once the old glaze and putty are off, you can easily access the metal pieces which are holding the glass in its position. Save these metal pieces so that it can be used later on.
  • As you finish this, you can easily detach the glass by lifting it gently off the frame, and sliding the glass out.
  • If the old glaze is making it difficult to remove the glass, you can use the blow torch for another 30 seconds or so to loosen it.
  • Aim about 2'' above the old glaze as it will warm the old glaze and loosen it off the window.
  • Once the glass has been detached, scrape the wooden frame properly using the scraper. Now you need to apply the primer so that it won't absorb any oil from the new glaze once installed.
  • Using the brush, apply the primer and leave it alone at least for a day (24 hours). Once it dries completely, apply the new glaze in place using the caulking gun.
  • Apply a very thin layer of caulk around the wooden frame so that you can place the glass in its position. Press as gently as you can so it'll fit perfectly.
  • After the glass has been fixed into position, you can replace the metal pieces that were taken out earlier.
  • With the scraper, remove the putty that may have spilled out of the frame. Press the glaze inside the glass so that there are no gaps left. You can use your fingers or a putty knife to do this.
  • Make sure that the finishing is good, and there is no residue left outside the frame or on the glass.
  • In the end, leave the glazing alone for few days till it can dry completely. Depending on the putty you've used, the amount of time may vary.
  • Once it is dry, apply a coat of primer paint with the brush onto the window along with a coat of new paint color to finish the look. This way, the glaze will be protected and there will be a good seal around the window.
If you are working on more than one window pane, or will be climbing on a ladder to reach the window, have someone be there with your for the entire process. Also, if you feel that you won't be able to get the job done properly, consult with a professional for their expert advice.
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