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Window Coverings for a Large Picture Window

Rimlee Bhuyan Nov 24, 2018
Picture windows, as the name suggests, provide an uninterrupted view of the outside. Although picture windows are aesthetically pleasing, it is difficult to come up with a window treatment for it.
If you have a large picture window in your home that overlooks a pretty view then you need to choose a window covering that will allow you to enjoy it. Picture windows are large windows that are covered with a single pane of glass and is usually fixed.
However some picture windows are fully operable with windows that are hinged to the frame. Although the primary function of a picture window is to allow light to filter into the room and to provide an unobstructed view of the outdoors, you will also need to consider privacy.
While there is no doubt that selecting window coverings for a large window is a bit of a challenge, but keeping the window bare is also not an option. To help you in your endeavor to find the most attractive and functional window treatment for large picture windows, we have some ideas for you. Take a look...

Window Covering Ideas for a Picture Window

Decorative Swags

If you have a beautiful view of the outdoors from your picture window, then you would no doubt like to enjoy the view. Choosing a heavy window treatment like vertical blinds or heavy fabric curtains is not going to work. So, opt for decorative swags that are installed on top of the window leaving the rest of the window uncovered.
A decorative swag that is made with a rich fabric like taffeta, raw silk or silk dupioni will give a picture window an elegant look. Hang a narrow and long piece of swag fabric on the two top corners of the window and allow the rest of the fabric on the sides to hang down. Add trimmings like tassels and ribbons to make the window covering more attractive.

Sheer Curtains

A large picture window looks great with sheer curtains that can be tied at one corner with a tassel. You can choose light colors for sheer curtains with or without appliqué and embroidery. Sheer curtains which are lightly embellished with embroidery or appliqué gives the window coverings a more attractive look.
For a large picture window, instead of one single sheer curtain, hang two sheer curtains on the curtain rod. This will break the monotony of looking at one endless panel of fabric and give the window a sense of scale and proportion.
For a casual look that is chic and modern, hang sheer curtains that are of floor length on the picture window. One of the best window covering ideas for large picture windows is sheer curtains, since it preserves the view and allows light to enter the room.

Balloon Shades

There is something so romantic and ethereal about balloon shades that soften the look of a large picture window. Balloon shades made with a billowy fabric like cotton blend or organza are great for covering a picture window.
You can choose a fixed balloon shade that covers one third of the picture window allowing you to enjoy the view outside. This kind of window covering should be chosen in a pattern of fabric that matches with the rest of the upholstery of the room to give it a cohesive look.
Choose an unfussy pattern like a geometrical print or stripes for constructing the balloon shades so that it does not detract from the beauty of the picture window.

Fancy Valance

A decorative valance in a fancy pattern might look over the top on multiple windows, but it is just right for a large picture window.
A scalloped edged valance with pleats, a valance with ribbon trimmings or tassel edged valance are great for a picture window. Mount such valance on the top of the picture window and leave the rest of the window bare.
Make sure that the color and print of the valance fabric goes with the décor style of the room. To make the window treatment look cohesive with the entire room, the color and style of the window treatment should be chosen with care.
Window coverings for a large picture window should be such that it enhances the ambiance of the room and makes the picture window the focal point of the room. Picture windows are one of the most attractive architectural and design components in a house, so if you are lucky enough to have one, preserve its beauty with an attractive window treatment.