White Kitchen Cabinets That Give an Illusion of Spaciousness

White Kitchen Cabinets
White cabinets can completely change the look of your kitchen and give it a spacious feel. Here are some points which you should consider before picking up the brush to paint your cabinets!
White Kitchen
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While you plan to remodel your kitchen, various elements need to be taken into consideration. Floor tiles, wall and backsplash tiles, paint colors, trolleys, countertop and kitchen cabinets are important elements of a well-designed cooking space. Among these, cabinets play an important role in appearance of this space, as they are most prominent and cover a wide section of the kitchen. With a broad range of colors that you can incorporate in kitchen cabinets, you are sure to get confused while choosing just one. Whether you are refurbishing your existing kitchen or working on a new one, you can opt for white kitchen cabinets. Yes, white cabinets look extremely beautiful. Don't take our word for it. Obtain a sample of white paint and try it out on your old discarded piece of furniture to get an idea about it.

Reasons for Choosing White Cabinets
If you are wondering that why one must opt for white cabinets when we have a huge range of options in terms of colors, then here's the answer. White is an extremely versatile color. When you are planning to add cabinets to the existing kitchen design, nothing can be better than white cabinets. Antique white kitchen cabinets can also be an option, if your kitchen already consists of wooden cabinets. What's more, white kitchen storage cabinetry works well with any colored furniture placed in your kitchen. These look great with any paint color and also blend in with any type, style and color of kitchen backsplash.
white kitchen cabinet and chairs
White is not only the safest color while decorating your kitchen but it also offers an illusion of space for a small kitchen. As we all spend a considerable amount of time in the kitchen on a daily basis, it's not surprising to find that most people want their kitchen not only functional, but also esthetically pleasing. White also makes it easier for repainting. Whereas you might have to sand and degloss and also use a primer to get rid of any other colored surface of kitchen cabinet. But for white cabinets, only sanding can do the trick! If you have a rustic themed kitchen, then glazed white cabinets are best suited to create an antique feel. For a kitchen with a modern flair, white is still a good option as it enhances its sleekness. You can contrast the handles, knobs, etc. in stainless steel and add the necessary spark to the cabinets.
white kitchen counter and cabinet
Suitable Combinations for White Cabinets
Once you have white cabinets in kitchen, it's time to add a suitable kitchen countertop. Granite countertops look extremely classy with white cabinets. In case of antique white cabinets, you can opt for brown or black colored granite. White cabinets with dark countertops, especially in black, look simply awesome. You can also have marble countertop in dark color for white cabinets. Remember that countertops are equally prominent and hence, need to be chosen properly. These must essentially complement your kitchen cabinets.
While choosing kitchen cabinets, you can opt to have all of them in white color, or opt for a dual color combination. Red and white kitchen cabinetry looks very stylish. Cherry brown and white cabinets will look simple and classy. Black and white is also a popular combination where you can paint countertops in black color and add black handles to white cabinets. If you want something funky, violet and white, yellow and white, blue and white are the combos to opt for. Gray and white is a subtle combination that you can choose to make your kitchen look unique.
white and brown kitchen cabinet
When you are having a white plus another color to grace your kitchen, make sure that white covers not less than 70 - 75% of the entire design. Also, avoid adding more than two colors in the kitchen design. Consider the color of tiles, flooring and paint. Ensure that the color of kitchen appliances also matches with the theme. Make sure you choose the best handles for cabinets.
With white kitchen cabinets, your kitchen is sure to look beautiful. However, there will be many naysayers of this kitchen decor idea who will certainly point out the maintenance problems regarding white cabinets. But there is no need for you to get concerned as nowadays most paints have dirt- or stain-resistant qualities, making it easier for anyone to clean with a cloth or sponge. So begin your kitchen remodeling project by painting the cabinets white and bask in the milky shine of your new improved kitchen.

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