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Where to Place a Feng Shui Aquarium in Your House?

Where to Place a Feng Shui Aquarium in Your House?
In recent times, feng shui aquariums have become very popular, as they are believed to bring in positive energy and good luck. They are also attractive additions for offices and homes. Learn about the requirements for setting up and placing a feng shui aquarium in your house.
Anuj Mudaliar
Last Updated: Mar 1, 2018
Labeo Bicolor
Quick Tip
The quality of the water in the aquarium should be suitable to the type of fish you have. However, according to feng shui, the water should be very clear, without any trace of tannins or darkening contaminants. Dark or dull water is believed to generate negative energy and bad luck.
An aquarium that is set up according to the guidelines of feng shui can potentially bring in a lot of benefits. Apart from adding aesthetic beauty to the house, the water symbolizes growth, activity, and flow of life. The movement and sound of water is believed to bring in wealth, abundance, and good luck. However, it is important that the placement and maintenance is done properly for the smooth flow of 'good chi' or 'positive energy'. The tank should always be clean, have circulating oxygenated water, and healthy fish. In ideal conditions, such an aquarium will bring in harmony and balance to your home. Let us now look at how to set up a feng shui aquarium in your house.
Components of a Feng Shui Aquarium
feng shui fish tank
The fish tank has to include the 5 elements - wood, water, earth, fire, and metal. For wood, one can either use aquatic plants or driftwood. The water inside the aquarium will work as the water element. Earth can be represented by having a gravel, soil, sand, and rock substrate. The fire element is usually represented by orange, yellow, gold, or red colored fish, while the metal element is shown by having a metal frame for the tank, or by the addition of a few feng shui coins.
When purchasing the fish tank, make sure that it is not square in shape, to avoid 'negative chi'. Instead, you can opt for round, cylindrical, or hexagonal shapes. Circular tanks are believed to be the best of all. If you can't find any of these options, a rectangular tank will also do.
Where to Place the Fish Tank
yin yang bagua
The importance of placing the aquarium in the right location cannot be understated, as improper placement leads to attracting negative energy and bad luck. Ideally, one should refer to a bagua diagram to find out the exact location for placing the tank. As a general reference, according to feng shui experts, the best place to keep the aquarium is in the southeast area of your house. This place is said to attract resources and wealth.
If you wish your luck to work on career opportunities, place the tank in the northern part of your home. Alternately, keeping the aquarium in the eastern part of the house will help in improving relationships and overall health in the family. Placing the aquarium under a beam is said to reduce metal stress. Also, if there are any structures with sharp edges facing your home, such as bridges, fences, or the corners of other houses, place the aquarium to block any negative energy coming from these structures. It is important that the fish tank is not placed inside the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, or the center of your house, as this will attract bad energy and bad luck.
Fish Species
The types of fish that you include in your fish tank is equally important. You can opt for any species of fish, as long as they are kept in a healthy and happy condition. Ideally, you should choose bright and vibrant fish, and as such, goldfish or koi are a good choice for drawing in positive energy. In a traditional Chinese setup, Arowana or dragon fish are considered to be the best.
Number of Fish
It is also important to know how many fish should be kept in a feng shui fish tank. To improve on positive energy and luck, the number of fish you should ideally keep are nine, or multiples of nine. However, if your aquarium is a small one, you can keep three fish, as this is also a lucky feng shui number.
Fish Color
red fish
Color combinations are also important. If you are keeping nine fish, eight of them should be yellow, red, or orange, while one should be black. If there are three fish, one of them should be black. This is because, while the orange or golden fish bring out good luck and prosperity, the black fish acts as a guardian, and absorbs any negative luck and energy that exists in your home, keeping you safe. If any of the fish die, be sure to replace them as soon as possible.
In addition to the above requirements, one can add a few accessories that can make the tank more attractive, such as bright and metallic pebbles, artificial plants, coins that promote wealth, etc. However, you must take care that none of these items will adversely affect the chemical makeup of the water.

An established and well-maintained aquarium that is placed correctly is believed to bring in a lot of positive energy, wealth, health, career building opportunities, and an abundance of resources. To maximize the benefits of a feng shui aquarium, it is recommended that the tank is established just before the Chinese New Year, and since they are not very difficult to maintain, you can enjoy its beauty and benefits for many years to come.