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What's the Right TV Screen Size for Your Room? Here's the Answer

What's the Right TV Screen Size for Your Room
Television set, since a few decades, has become the most significant home accessory. It has become an integral part of our lives. But have you ever thought, what should be the correct screen size of your TV? Big is not always a better option for sure.
Snehal Motkar
Last Updated: Jan 10, 2019
Since television has become an essential commodity these days, manufacturers are coming up with a huge variety of TV sets to attract consumers. Technology also has reached the peak point of its development and is creating such awesome gadgets and accessories that you can't resist buying.
Traditional types of TV sets were also known as 'direct view sets' or simply the "tube". Use of these traditional TV sets has become very rare; they are costlier than the latest ones and also require a lot of space.
The next step in the television technology is the emergence of LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) and Plasma television sets. They are a development in a true sense because space required by these sets is lesser than earlier versions. This is because of their inner working system.
The third type is the Rear Projection Television, which works on the principle of projection to give the image the size you want. They are not so popular today because the flat panel displays are available in bigger sizes. Mostly, theaters have front projection screens; another type based on projection principle.
Knowing the basics of television can be very helpful in order to keep you updated about inner working system, otherwise we all tend to go only by the look when we buy a television. In this article, we will be focusing on the right HDTV size for your room.
How to Choose Right Size HDTV for Your Room?
television set
HDTV is the High-definition TV and refers to the picture quality of the television, whereas the other two are EDTV (Enhanced Definition TV) and SDTV (Standard Definition TV). Terms important in HDTV are 'full HD' meaning the TV offers 1080 pixels.
HD ready televisions offer 720 to 768 pixels that are lesser than full HD, but definitely not worse to have. Refreshing rate is the frequency of image refreshing your TV. Lower the refreshing rate, higher the quality of the image.
Lastly, contrast stands for color depth of the TV. More contrast offers more quality to the image. To choose the right size HDTV for your room, consider following factors:
Confirm the Position of Your Television
television set on wall
Placing television at the right place will enhance the view of the screen. It is recommended that the size of television for a bedroom should be smaller than the size for the living room.
Living room is an area that can accommodate more people, so there you can have a bigger screen. Placing it near a window would be better than placing it right in front of one (window) as light coming from there will reflect onto the screen obstructing the vision. It should be placed at the longer end of the room, horizontally on the wall.
Seating Distance from the Television
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Seating position serves an important place in watching television because it decides the immersive effect of the picture moving in front of you.
You can perform an interesting task to decide appropriate TV size for your home. Plan to watch a movie, in a theater, which is not so popular and sit in the very first row.
You will have to raise your neck higher than the normal position and move it side to side as the picture moves. Then try the last row and you will find that the immersion from that position is not perfect. Now, try the seat in the middle row and note the difference. It will be a perfect vision that you want.
Ideally, the seating distance should be three times the diagonal size of the TV screen. But it is not a hard and fast rule. When you divide the calculated seating distance by 3, you will get the smallest size of the television and when you divide it by 1.5 you will get the maximum size that you can fix for your television.
This is how you can look for an ideal TV screen size for your room. One more important thing you should follow is, never blindly buy a big screen TV. Fix your budget and look for a television according to it. You can definitely find one in your budget.