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Simply Epic - What to Look for When Buying an Electric Shower

What to Look for When Buying an Electric Shower
You seriously believe that an electric shower would be a good investment for your bathroom? Well, before you go ahead and get one, just make sure you consider the pointers given here.
Mukulika Mukherjee
Last Updated: Jan 7, 2019
Did You Know?
It is not recommended that you install an electric shower if the water in your mains supply is hard water.
An electric shower is connected to the mains water supply, and heats water as it flows through the head, giving you instant hot water. Most electric showers have a built-in thermostat that maintains a constant temperature of the water. If you wish to install an electric shower, you should have adequate water pressure in your mains supply.
If you don't, you can opt for pumped electric showers that increases the pressure of water. Electric showers are highly economical as they heat as much water as is required.
The best thing about electric showers is that they are independent of the boiler or other heating arrangements in your home. However, an electric shower should not be confused with a power shower, as the latter is designed to produce a forceful jet of water.
Factors to Consider While Buying an Electric Shower
Here are some essential features that you should look for when buying the electric shower that is best for you.
Shower Head
Holding shower head
The shower head is the part of the shower arrangement that is attached to the riser rail, and emits a spray of water. There are different shower head patterns and spray modes available in the market.
The spray pattern depends on the number of holes in the shower head that emits water, with the use of more holes producing a wider spray pattern. The use of the inner holes results in a forceful narrow jet of water.
While choosing a shower head, go for one that is easy to clean. Rub-clean rubber nozzles are the best option, because they are easy to clean and check for limescale buildup that may cause blockage. Most shower heads swivel in 3 directions, and some are designed to use as little water as possible.
Power Ratings
You'll find electric showers with different power ratings, which affects the performance of the shower. A shower with a higher power rating is capable of heating a higher volume of water than a shower with a lower power rating.
This depends on whether the pressure in the mains supply is the same in both the cases. Power rating is measured in kilowatts (kw), and you can commonly find electric showers with power ratings of 7.5 kw, 8.5 kw, 9.5 kw, and 10.5 kw.
The showers with a higher power rating are more expensive, and also consume more electricity, as compared to the ones with a lower power rating that have low pressure but consume less electricity.
So, choose one as per your requirements. However, before you make a decision, make sure the wiring in your house is compatible with the power rating of the shower you intend to buy.
Shower controller button
When you buy an electric shower, go for one that has the basic features, including some essential safety features. While there are a host of features to choose from, it does cause a rise in the price of the shower. Here are the features you should look for.
  • Variable power settings to adjust the temperature of the water to suit your comfort.
  • Memory functions to save your settings so that you won't have to reset them every time.
  • Thermostat control to maintain constant temperature of water.
  • Push-button control for ease of use.
  • Shut-down function, which flushes out hot water before turning off, and checks for the buildup of limescale.
Raiser Rail
The raiser rail is the vertical metal rod that remains attached to the wall, and enables the user to adjust of the height of the shower head. It is recommended that you opt for longer shower rails which offers more flexibility. Some shower rails have hooks or soap cases, to conveniently place your soap or shower gel.
Water Pressure
-Shower water pressure
The water pressure from your main water supply should be taken into consideration when choosing an electric shower, as this can go a long way in defining your experience while using the shower.
If your mains supply has low water pressure, you can opt for a pumped electric shower that has a pump to increase the force of water.
Ease of Installation
Plumber installing shower
If you already have a shower installed in your bathroom, you need to remove it completely before you can get a new one installed. However, to make the installation process simpler and less expensive, look for a shower that is similar to the one you used before.
Also, the wiring and power rating should be same as that for the previous model. This way, it can be easily integrated into the bathroom, without making any major changes in the wiring and circuit of your bathroom.
LCD Screen
Many modern models of electric showers come with an LCD screen that displays the temperature of water, along with other relevant information. However, this feature is one that you can skip if you don't feel that you need it.
So, have you decided on an electric shower yet? No matter which one you choose, you should always seek the help of a qualified professional during the installation and maintenance of the shower and its circuit.