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What is a Studio Apartment?

Pragya T Apr 17, 2019
Studio apartments are mini apartments, which are good for housing one person. Know more about the pros and cons of these apartments here.
Studio apartment are small apartments which have a living room combined with a dining and bedroom, and sometimes a kitchen too. The largest of studio apartment will have the kitchenette (small kitchen) and living room separated. This is what generally a studio flat consists of. There are other versions of similar mini-apartments in different countries too.
In countries like South Korea, Japan, and other European capitals there are smaller studio apartments than those found in the US. In US generally they are of size anywhere from 25 - 45 square meters.
L-shaped or alcove studio where the central room diverges inside a small alcove can be used for sleeping or dining. While in Japan, there are smaller studio flats known as one-room mansion. In New Zealand, there is another concept where studio rooms usually have a bedroom with a study and an en suite bathroom and the kitchen, dining and lounge are shared.


If you are thinking of renting or buying a studio flat, then you need to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of them well. Let us discuss some of the pros associated with staying in such an apartment. First of all, the space will be small so decorating and maintaining the apartment will be easier. As you just need to vacuum one room only.
If you have a separate kitchenette then you need to keep the small number of utensils and items in the kitchen in a neat and tidy condition. Another advantage is that you will be living in the studio apartment alone, so the possibility of the apartment getting dirty or cluttered is less.
Another good advantage is that the utility bills will be very low. The electricity bill will be fairly less, compared to staying in a proper apartment.


The same advantage of space can become the disadvantage, if you don't maintain the space well, that is. For example, if there are any guests visiting you or staying overnight, the space will be compromised or inadequate.
Also, if the living room is cluttered then you can't just shoo away a visitor on the door, but have no choice to invite them in and let them see the mess. These are the disadvantages related to it.


See how the various studio designs available in your city are, and pick the best one which fits your budget. Then make a top view layout of the space you have and mark the areas for different purposes. One space can be the entertainment and work center.
For example, you can have a tabletop on which you can study. You can also get a TV tuner card and watch TV on your PC, so you don't have to buy a separate TV that takes up additional space.
The next furniture addition is the bed. The best choice will be a futon which can be folded into a sofa. However, if you want some storage space, then get a sofa bed with box under it for storage. In one corner you can have a dining table, or have a foldable bench which sticks to the wall, when not in use. This will save up additional space.
For decor, add two to three mini items. A lucky bamboo plant, a painting, few candles, a wall mounted lamp, etc., can be used.
Keeping things neat, tidy, and uncluttered is the key to maintaining a great-looking studio apartment. If you feel that in future you will need some more items to be stored, then install hanging open shelves or close cabinets on the wall for storage.