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What is a Palladian Window

What is a Palladian Window
Wondering what is a Palladian window? What does a Palladian window look like? Scroll down to find out more on Palladian window treatments and coverings.
Smita Pandit
Though architectural design keeps evolving with time, architects never shy away from drawing inspiration from traditional architectural designs. This is the reason why traditional designs are often combined with contemporary ones. The design elements that were used centuries ago can still be incorporated to evoke an old world charm. Well, this is the reason why traditional Palladian windows can still be seen in contemporary homes. Scroll down to learn about this unique window design along with ways to dress such windows.

What is a Palladian Window?

Palladian windows are named after Andrea Palladio, an Italian Renaissance architect who used this unique window design extensively in his works in the sixteenth century. This design was based on his interpretation of the classical Roman and Greek temple architecture. Though this window design was used earlier by another Italian architect called Donato Bramante, and the mention of this window design also figured in the literary works of an architect called Sebastiano Serlio, Palladio's name became associated with this design as he incorporated this design extensively in many of his famous architectural works in Vento. This is the reason why these windows are also referred to as Venetian windows. This design became very popular during the seventeenth and the eighteenth century and continues to appeal architects even now. So, what does a Palladian window look like? A Palladian window is a large-sized window that is divided into three rectangular sections. The section in the center is the largest in size, and is flanked on each side by smaller side sections. The large center section is also topped by an arch. This arch certainly provides a classy appearance to this window design. Use of decorative mullion or vertical dividers between the sections can also add visual appeal to the design. In fact, these large arched windows could even become the focal point of a room. Though these can enhance the interiors as well as exteriors of a home, one must, however, consider the size and height of the room before incorporating this design.

Palladian Window Treatments

Most people who have Palladian windows in their homes, often complain about the lack of options regarding window treatments. The design of the window is such that choosing a decorative window treatment is not that easy. Draping these windows with heavy curtains, drapes or shutters would certainly ruin their look, so, if other houses are not located at a close distance, and you are not worried about privacy issues, you could even leave these windows as they are. Using a window treatment is therefore, a matter of personal choice. If one is keen on using a window covering, one must look for a window covering that will not hide the window design. Minimalistic arched window treatments such as valances or swags could highlight the interesting shape of the window. You can place the curtain rod right below the arch, and have pole swag and jabots draped around it. If you are planning to hang curtains, then make sure that you select the fabric properly. Instead of using a dark-colored fabric that may hide the form or design of the window, the better option would be to use light-colored silk curtains or just sheer curtains. The light sheer fabric will allow light to enter and the diffused light will certainly enhance the look of the room. You could also leave the large center window uncovered, while the smaller windows that flank the center window can be draped with pleated panels. These can be tied with decorative tiebacks.

If you have Palladian windows in your home, use minimalistic fabric window treatments such as pole swags and jabots. These are the best kind of window coverings for such windows. Heavy drapes or curtains hide the unique look of these windows, so, make sure that you do justice to this unique window design.