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You'd Be Surprised to Know What Your Choice of Sofa Says About You?

What Does Your Sofa Say About You?
How much do you pay your psychologist to know more about your own self (that you secretly already know)? A lot? Why not get a sofa, instead? Yes, the type and color of your sofa speak a lot about you. No, it's not science. It may not be 100 percent precise also.
Pushpa Duddukuri
Last Updated: Dec 09, 2017
Lights, Camera, Sofa!
Seinfeld, Married... with Children, That '70s Show, How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, The Simpsons. All of these sitcoms have a sofa, perching on which the central characters have long chats with friends or family about their latest follies.
A sofa is a furniture, sitting on which you fight with your boyfriend, eat endless packets of sugar-free junk, read the morning paper between coffee sips and channel surf. A sofa is an 'awwwwesome' place to relax, unwind, sprawl and just sit; however, this does not hold true for anyone who lived in Europe anytime before the late 1600s. If you walk into a European home of the 16th century, you would wonder, where are the nice, cushiony seats on which you so want to sit, after a long time-travel journey.

The sofa, as we know it, was not invented then. People of those times preferred to sit on hard, wooden benches that provided hardly any padding. Needless to say, they did figure out how to make a perfect cozy seat for their tush.
Beige sofa
Portrait of perfection - my wonder sofa, when I first laid my own eyes on it.
After 4 years of impeccable service, I had to throw it out.
cat and sofa
My cat was devastated. The living room and the cat were never the same.
Though I sought many replacements to fill its big shoes, none of them ever actually came close to the comfort that it bestowed upon my life. That brings me to the point, do we have a personal connection with our sofa? Does our couch reveal something about our inner self? It seems unlikely, but we may still humor that portion of our brain which desperately strives to bring order to randomness.
Let There Be Sofa
Loveseat = Romantic, Cheerful Attitude
Gray sofa
Your loveseat is a warm, cozy place where you cuddle into a ball after a day's hard work. Some loveseats are cute and cottage-style, while some are dreamy and desirable. No matter which type of loveseat you have, it reveals that you are a true romantic at heart, who is big on personality.
Chaise Lounge = Contemporary, Adaptable Person
Chaise lounge
This is a hybrid between a chair and sofa, that gives an illusion of space while creating an atmosphere of intimate space. A person who plonks on such a sofa everyday, has a minimalistic but fabulous way of looking at the world. This sofa is an amalgam of style and sophistication. I must say, a person who owns such a sofa must be projecting his/her personality on it.
Reclining Sofa = True Bachelor at Heart
Recliner sofa
You are a person who evidently wants to put your feet up and get comfortable with the surroundings. And why not? You are almost a borderline workaholic in your office. Coming back home after a long and tiring day, you sit down on your favorite couch and procrastinate doing the household chores.
Sofa Bed = Simple but Sophisticated Soul
Sofa bed
You might be one of those people who likes to lay back, and watch TV adverts. Even if you hardly use the bed of this sofa, you still like to keep the option of an extra bed when need arises. Just like the sofa, you are a multitasker and spontaneity is your thing.
Leather Couch = A Lover of Glamor
Leather sofa
A little quirky is always good for you. As a person who is interested in creating fascinating atmosphere at home, you never resist the urge to impress the guests who step into your home. You prefer to go for durable and timeless, over stylish but nondescript things.
Color My Sofa Pretty
Your sofa is the workhorse of your home. It endures spills, crayon drawings if children are present in the house, and untraceable stains. That's why, the right color is important. Does the color matter only because it complements your living room decor, or is there more to it than meets the sofa eye? Some people might say, your sofa color is the window to your, if not soul then perhaps personality. I haven't figured it out yet, who has so much time to analyze sofa colors. But I will believe it, as long as it is fun. There it goes, the color of your sofa saying it all for you.
Brown Sofa
Brown Sofa
Brown is the most forgiving color, where sofas are concerned. Individuals who own a brown-colored couch are often falsely accused of being boring. The truth is, they are just practical. They are also believed to have a generous side.
Red Sofa
Red Sofa
Impulsive, quirky, ambitious. These are the qualities that define a person who likes this bold color a little too much. However, for a sofa, this color is a great choice as it not only works as an accent piece for the living room, but can also be paired with neutral colors like beige, white, and light green.
Blue Sofa
Blue Sofa
You take delight in the flamboyant side of your personality. In fact, people get impressed by your quirkiness and you always know when to curb down the enthusiasm. Blue is usually known as the color of success. It is also the color that helps you to be creative. A blue sofa will leave an impression of peacefulness and grandness, just like an ocean.
Yellow Sofa
Yellow Sofa
Yellow sofas, though rare, tend to convey a lofty idealism. If complemented with other neutral colors, the overall effect is quite sunny. This color tells the world that you are a risk taker, and like your share of fun. You might be someone who dabbles in some mental adventures and tries your hand at many things at a time.
White Sofa
White Sofa
White sofas are an open invitation to a huge dry cleaning bill. Since that didn't deter you from buying a sofa of this color, you are surely of an open mind - one who is not afraid of a few risks. Besides that, the color suggests that you are a well-balanced person with a positive attitude. Considered a symbol of purity, it also reveals your hidden desire to achieve perfection.
Black Sofa
Black Sofa
It is a color that can make you come across as a strong-willed and disciplined person. However, your independent nature also shines through it. A black sofa is quite commanding in a living room, especially if it's pure, black leather.
Green Sofa
Green Sofa
This color is complex yet peaceful. Though people rarely fall for a green-colored sofa, it is not a bad choice for people who appreciate the earthy and natural hues of the world. If you have a green couch in your home, then it can mean that you are a sporty and cheerful person.
Orange Sofa
Orange Sofa
It's the color of luxury. People who have a fun and dramatic side are naturally attracted towards it. An orange sofa is the center of attention in a room, so much like its owner. It lends an optimistic and energetic feel to the living room.
So, the next time you buy a wrong couch for your home, don't blame the sofa. It was your fault if you were not compatible with it. Now that you know the sofa 'psychology', you cannot un-know it.