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What are Some Alternatives to Vertical Blinds

What are Some Alternatives to Vertical Blinds
Bored of your typical vertical blinds? Make your home more aesthetic by trying out a few alternatives to vertical blinds.
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Vertical blinds are durable, easy to install, and they cost comparatively less. Maybe this is the reason why people go in for them. Though, a lot of us feel that they are mundane. Some say that using vertical blinds gives a sophisticated feel. Well, at the cost of sophistication, we might just be making our home monotonous. So what then?
Alternatives to Vertical Blinds
A few years ago, the alternatives to vertical blinds were limited. Now, we have an array of options to choose from. I will list a few contemporary alternatives, which will add panache to your home.
  • Net Curtains: They are made from translucent fabric. They are also called sheer curtains. It allows maximum passage of light, while blocking the UV rays. During the day, you can see through sheer curtains, due to their translucent nature. They are also called privacy curtains, because you can see through these curtains when you are inside your home, and not the other way round. They provide minimum heat insulation too.
  • Vertical Soft Shadings: They are one of the best alternatives, since they provide a great combination of the vertical blinds and the net curtains. They also have privacy features. They can also function as vertical blinds. You can completely move the blinds to one side. The voile is easy to clean. And all this comes at a fair price too.
  • Woven Wood Sliding Panels: You should go in for these if you have a large window, if you want to cover your patio, or if you want to create a partition in a room. They give an exotic feel to your home. They are easy to install, and have sliding capabilities too. So if you want an unobstructed view, you can simply slide them to one side. The wooden feel of your furniture can be extended by using them. They are usually made up of bamboo. These panels filter light and prevent the harmful glares of the sun from coming in. You can add a liner to them if you want obstruct the light completely.
  • Roman Shades: These will give a sophisticated look to your window. Light or medium weight fabric should be preferred in Roman Shades. You can also couple them with curtains. Various types of Roman Shades are available, so you will always have a great variety to choose from.
  • Thermal Blinds: They give complete insulation from heat. They have the ability to obstruct noise to a certain extent too. This feature will help you, if you live in a location prone to continuous traffic, by keeping the noise from the traffic outside. They have a central foil which reflects the heat in summers and the cold winds in the winter. Thus, you can save some of the energy that you use for cooling in summers, and it will also help to the minimize the energy requirement for heating up your room in the winters.
  • Solid Fabric Panels: These can be used for the same functions as a wooden sliding panel. They are available in room-darkening fabrics also, and can add to the beauty of your decor. They are easy to install too.
  • Lace Curtains: Beauty in simplicity is the apt phrase for them. They give your home a country inn appeal. They can be used on your window, from inside as well as outside. They can be short or long in length, depending on your requirement.
  • Venetian Blinds: These can be simply called horizontal blinds, as they have horizontal slats. They can be in plastic, metal, or any other fabric. They have cords attached to them, which are used to rotate the slats.
  • Cellular Blinds: They are called cellular blinds or honeycomb blinds because of their appearance. They have cells affixed close to each other, and provide great heat and light insulation. In terms of energy efficiency, these are quite similar to the thermal blinds.
  • Natural Fold Blinds: These can be used as a drape and as a vertical blind. You can also use them as room dividers too. They do not have any cords and complex parts to break, and they glide effortlessly.
Apart from these, there are many more alternatives that one can try. It is difficult to choose when you have such great variety. Each of the above alternatives will have several sub-types. You should always go in for a color that will complement your decor. By changing your typical vertical blinds, you can actually change the feel of your home in a big way.
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