Really Good Flooring Options for Wet Basements

Mamta Mule May 4, 2019
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Wet basements need to be finished carefully. If you are working on such a project, wherein the basement floors might get wet or damp, floors for the same need to be chosen carefully. So here are best wet basement flooring options to consider.
Basement refinishing projects involve a lot of minor and major elements. Flooring is one of the primary elements to be worked upon while you decide to finish your basements. Basement finishing can be a smart step towards adding usable space to your house. Basements that do not get wet or moist make the task of choosing a suitable flooring option much easier.
But if you have basements that might get wet, the floors need to be chosen accordingly. This is much essential as the floors get damaged due to dampness or moisture and eventually lead to mold, mildew and you would end up working on the basement re-finishing project! So, let us move on to the next section and find out the best wet basement flooring options.

Flooring Options for Wet Basement

Waterproof Carpet Tiles

You might be wondering whether carpet tiles can really make good tiles for wet basements, right? Well, they do!
Not all carpet tiles, but there are a few good brands in the market which offer carpet tiles that are waterproof and extremely suitable for covering this space. What's more, with carpet tiles you get to create amazing patterns and floor designs with appealing colors and textures. so you can choose attractive designs from a branded lot.

Interlocking Foam Floors

Foam floors which are a common pick for the kids' playroom is another classic option to be considered while you finish basement floors that might get wet.
Foam tiles are available in various types. You can easily find the interlocking foam tiles which are waterproof in the market. There are a few brands which offer tiles which are highly-durable and easy to install. You are sure to love the bright and colorful, wonderful looking floors which can be created using these tiles.

Rubber Interlocking Tiles

Rubber floors have become a highly popular pick these days. There are a number of available options which can a create unique looking canvas of floor. Let me tell you that you need to pick the interlocking tiles as these are easy to install and offer ultimate floors for basements that can get damp.

Painting or Staining

Now, if you wish to finish your basements in low-budget, painting or staining can be the best alternatives to aforementioned options. Believe me, painted and sealed floors can look classy. You can pick waterproof paints and further add decorative finishes to them. Using epoxy floor coatings is also a perfect way to spruce up the basement floor surface.
Today, there are a number of color and design options in epoxy coatings which are specially designed for wet basements and other such areas. Staining can be a tougher job, but offers extremely amazing results as compared to painting. You can convert the dull floor into visually appealing surface with latest varieties in stains.
These were the various options of flooring which you can have for basements which can get wet. Browse through the best brands and have the best for your basements. You can find more than a few brands having a product line of waterproof floor tiles and those especially suitable for wet basements.
While any of the waterproof flooring is going to cost you more, buying a branded piece is always a good idea. Moreover, branded tiles often come with warranty and the manufacturers also provide service and maintenance for the same.