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Weatherproofing Windows for Winter

Medha Godbole Jan 2, 2019
With winter just around the corner, weatherproofing windows is an inevitable endeavor. Scroll down to get insights on the process.
The hot and sultry summer has given way to winters and it is the chilly air which has occupied everyone's mind. There are a lot of things to do to winterize a house, right from insulating the attic to checking the heating and air conditioning systems, and to weatherproofing windows.
This is, of course, done considering other seasons as well, though winter is the time when weatherproofing the house matters the most.

Important Pointers

Making sure the windows of your house are all set to deal with the cold outside and trapping the heat inside is not a difficult task. Moreover, it can save a good amount of your money. You can do it with minimum accessories like tape, utility knife, caulking, window plastic, and a blow dryer.

Getting the Windows Ready

Window cleaning is the first thing that needs to be done before you begin. In case there are any small issues to be looked after, like chipped putty, make sure you resolve them in advance. Inspect the wooden frames. Replace the pane completely in case there are cracks in the glass.

The Real Deal

Using weatherstripping on the windows is the next thing on the cards. Basically this needs to be fitted around the window for blocking the cold drought and trapping the heat within the house. Self-adhesive weatherstripping is the easiest to use and install. To give you an idea as to how it is installed - let us consider that you have foam weatherstripping.
What you will need to do is to cut the foam strips as per the length of the window, using scissors. Peel back around an inch of the cover strip and then press the foam in place at the top of the window stop. Then work your way down and peel the strip over as the foam gets pressed in place properly.
If it is a V-type weatherstripping or a double hung window, start off by lowering the sash. Cut the strip as per the length required and slip it down with the raised V facing outside along the side of the sash. Then place the strip in the center and then fasten it in place. Raise the sash and then do the same thing along the lower half of the strip.

Getting Plastic

For this you will need to cut a piece of plastic, little larger than what is required to fit the window perfectly. Tape it to the window frame. Next step is to run a blow dryer on high power setting and let the plastic get exposed to the hot air from the dryer. 
Till it becomes taut, the plastic will shrink. The tape has to be firmly fixed against the window frame. This will not let the warm air outside the house. This has to be done from the outside, too.
Along with this, sometimes you can also do what is referred to as snakes. These are mainly long fabric tubes which are filled using sand. These are fantastic for preventing the air from escaping through the window. Sealant foam and caulking also can be used to make windows weatherproof.