Warm Wall Colors

Rimlee Bhuyan Jan 5, 2019
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Warm paint colors can help you achieve the modern minimalistic look or a country vibe,. Here are the best warm colors for your home.
When you are decorating or remodeling your home, paint colors play an important role in determining the final look of your interiors. The right wall paint colors can give your interiors the look and vibe that you are aiming for.
If you are looking to give your bedroom or living room a warm and cozy look, then you cannot go wrong with warm paint colors. Warm colors can dress up even the drabbest of rooms, and give it an elegant and refined look.
The best thing about warm paint colors is that they can be used to hide problem areas like a too high ceiling or a room that does not receive adequate daylight.
Yellow, orange, red, rust, tangerine, peach, coral and dark brown are all warm colors that can help you create an informal and intimate interiors.
When you choose warm paint colors for your walls, it is imperative that you choose upholstery and furniture in the same color palette to give your interiors a cohesive look.

Popular Warm Wall Colors

Most homeowners find it difficult to incorporate warm colors into their home d├ęcor, thinking that they are over bright. They stick to a neutral color palette of beige and off white, which although sophisticated can give the room a very bland look. So, to infuse your room with color and give it an inviting and cozy look, choose warm wall colors instead.

Butter Yellow

One of the best warm wall color that you can choose for a master bedroom or guest bedroom is butter yellow. Yellow is a warm color, but if it is too bright, it can overwhelm the room and make it appear smaller than it is.
Lighter shades of yellow that have a red undertone are just perfect for decorating the walls of a bedroom. Muted yellow shades like butter yellow and warm gold give the bedroom an intimate look without making it look over-the-top and gaudy.


A warm color like terracotta is right for a living room or kitchen. If you think that terracotta is too strong a color, then you can choose to paint one of the walls in a deep terracotta color and paint the rest of the walls in a warm neutral color like beige, taupe or khaki.
The terracotta colored wall will perfectly complement the neutral color palette of the room and create a focal point in the room. Add home accessories like a floor lampshade or cushions in this warm terracotta hue, to give your interiors a cohesive look.

Sage Green

If you are aiming for a relaxed and casual atmosphere, then you cannot go wrong with sage green. It is a warm color, but at the same time, it is muted and mellow. 
It works very well in a bedroom as well as the bathroom or kitchen. Pair sage green walls with off white or beige colored trimmings to give your interiors a cozy and restful look.


Coral is a lovely warm and vibrant color that can inject your interiors with style and elegance. Most people would balk at using coral on their room walls, but if you do it right, it can look spectacular. 
The trick to using this bright hue is to use it sparingly and pair it with the right painting technique. A single accent wall in the living room or study in coral can instantly brighten the room and transform it from boring to chic. You can choose a wall painting technique like sponge painting or marbling to give the interiors a punch.
Warm wall colors give your home interiors a harmonious and intimate ambiance. Match home accessories and upholstery in the same color palette to give your interiors a cohesive look.
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