Wall Paneling Ideas

Neha Rajan Deshmukh Jan 6, 2019
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Bored of the look of your house? Try paneling your wall with creative new ideas to give your house a fresh and bright look! Here are some interesting and decorative wall paneling ideas that can change the look of your entire house!
You must have taken a great efforts to decorate and beautify your house. Yet, do you still crave for more? If yes, you have come to the right place Four brick walls make a house. But, four nicely embellished walls make a home! Walls that are decorated with care depict the love and warmth that resides in your home.
Every house has a unique look. Hence, walls need to be decorated accordingly. Some houses that have a large area and thus are spacious can have walls with dark colors while those having a smaller area can have lighter shades.

Creative Ideas for Your Drawing Room

Drawing room is a place where you relax and enjoy. On the other hand, it is also a place where guests can be seated. Hence, it needs to kept really very tidy! Also, a drawing room is the first room a person looks at when he enters the house. 
Hence, it has to be very impressive! It is always better to decorate one wall than decorating all the walls. If all the walls are decorated, it simply becomes too much! Of course, you won't want to make your room look like a museum! You can have a look at the following decorative paneling ideas:
● If your room is big enough to accommodate more than two sofas and two chairs, then you can try decorating your main wall with wooden paneling. Wooden paneling is the best idea to hide cracks and uneven patches on your wall. 
You can give your wall a window look. Cut the wooden ply into squares of equal sizes leaving some space in the middle. In that space, arrange 5 bamboos, colored in dark brown vertically. Fix them with the help of a drilling machine and some nails. Do not forget to color those nails too, or else they will disrupt the look. 
This way, you can make a beautiful and decorative window out of wooden squares and bamboos that too, in a very cost-effective manner! You can also experiment with different patterns of window panels. You can make it look ethnic, historical, stylish or simple. The choice is yours!
● If your room is very small and can accommodate only one sofa and a couple of chairs, then do not over decorate the wall. Keep it very simple. You can make use of fiber or wood and get it painted in red, brown or dark yellow and cut the sheets into rectangular slices. 
Fix these wooden or fiber panels with the help of nails and adhesive on your wall. Make sure no corner is left. That will retain the simplicity of the room and yet make it a designer piece.
● If you have large and plain walls, then choose one wall which you think is the best and try something crazy with colorful wooden panels. You can fix them horizontally. Make sure you place sheets of same color together.
 Placing the sheets horizontally will make your wall look broader. Try to use dark and bright colors that will give your room a vibrant and energetic look!
When it comes to decorating a house, sky is the limit. Any imaginative person using different type of materials for paneling the walls of the bedroom in the house, can create wonders.

Creative Ideas for Your Bedroom

Bedroom is always one of the warmest places in the house. You can relax, enjoy, sleep or read a book sitting in your bedroom! As mentioned earlier, choose only one wall that you think can be paneled:
● First, decide the place where you are going to place your bed. Once that is done, choose the wall just behind the bed and try to panel it using mica and wood. If your wall is uneven or has patches, level it first and then fix a sheet of mica on the wall covering all the edges and corners.
Choose the color of the mica carefully as that is going to be your base color. Then, use the wooden ply to give it a 3D effect. Get two sheets of the ply and fix them in the center beside each other. The size of the ply has to small so that it gives the required effect. You can try decorative wall hangings on the wooden ply to add to the beauty.
● Another way to make your bedroom wall look beautiful is to give it a brick look the way you have it near the fire chimney. Choose wood as your material. Get it polished in two different shades and place them one beside the other. 
The size of each brick has to be very small. You can actually measure the size of a real brick and then cut the ply that way. That will make your bedroom even warmer and it will surely be a beautiful place to relax!
● If you are an artistic person, give your bedroom wall a weaving look. The material used is either wood or pure sandalwood. Get the entire stock of wood carved in the way you want it to look. Make squarish nets and then fix the wood on the wall. 
Also, try different shapes like diamonds, circles or triangles. Before you fix that, paint the wall in a dark shade. That will make the carving look even more beautiful. Try using yellow lights to enhance it.
Let us move and find something for the yet another important room that makes a house complete i.e. kitchen.

Creative Ideas for Your Kitchen

Kitchen walls have limited scope to be decorated. But, even if you have smaller walls, you can try using these ideas and make them very creative:
● Using pretty looking tiles can gladden the look. You can use little ceramic or vinyl tiles all over the wall and place decorative items before it to beautify it even more. Choose colors that are bright and those which reflect light.
Go for pink, blue, yellow or shades of orange. You can give a white border to the wall first, and then fix those tiles. These tiles are easy to clean.
● Use medium size vinyl tiles on the lower half of the wall and drill nails to hang some artistic items. The color of the upper half of the wall should complement the color of the tiles in the lower half. A pretty napkin left hanging on a peg, can add to the beauty! Paste beautiful pictures on the upper half of the wall to make it look even better.
● If your kitchen doesn't have much of a storage space, then you can try creating that in a wall using ply or fiber panel boxes. Make open boxes of fiber and fix them next to each other. You can decide the size of the boxes according to your storage requirements. 
That way, you'll decorate the wall and also create a storage space. But, make sure you store creative and artistic items in those boxes so that the beauty of the wall is retained.
Try these ideas on your walls and beautify them even more. Depending upon the type and size of your room, you can mix and match the given ideas and experiment with vibrant colors. Make it look lively and happy!